Start Your Christmas Advertising Early With A Brand Awareness Campaign

Not every business makes use of promotional products, even though it can be a vital part of their advertising operation, but those that do (and, hey, even those that don’t yet) should always think about the impact of combining holiday themes with promotional tools. It is never too early to start getting consumers ready to consider your business a prime source for what they need.

Christmas advertising

Christmas advertising: Isn’t it too early?

Many people describe how they hate hearing about Christmas shopping specials months in advance, and it’s true: preparing for the holiday season means interrupting the warm summer months with thoughts of snow, decorated trees, and short daylight hours.

The truth is, most consumers are always concerned about how they will complete their Christmas shopping early enough to make every member of the family happy, and starting advertising efforts early helps you connect with consumers who want nothing more than to finish holiday tasks far ahead of schedule.

How to do it right

It’s a good idea to design your promotional products for the holidays around universal themes and uses. The best giveaways are going to be from a high quality promotional product company like The Next Trend Designs Inc. and should be functional, attractive, and remind people of the wonderful company that gave it to them.

Since the holidays are a time of generosity and giving, it might be a good idea to give items that are better quality than those used throughout the year, so instead of key chains and pens, think about iPad covers or fashionable scarves and totes. Think of your holiday promotional items as substitutionary gifts that are appropriate for loved ones, but also serve the purpose of providing valuable company information.

This year, starting early helps you promote your business ahead of competitors in a spirited light, and since the idea of handing out promotional products in advance of the holidays is an idea that has, in recent years, gained traction, you should also think about distributing promotional items that have an obviously higher degree of quality, in order to maintain an edge on the competition.

Think about monogrammed coffee mugs with pleasing colours and plenty of room for a business logo and advertising message; or what about fidget spinners with logos and specific brand symbols? These are the perfect early stocking stuffers. Or give away foam handle ice scrapers with a bold brand on the blade and handle– though they make people think about winter work, they also make people think about the business providing them with a free way to prep their cars for winter driving.


In short, despite all the comments people make about not bringing winter on too quickly, it’s always a good idea to have your business represent an attitude of preparedness, and if you can combine quality promotional products with excellent branding, you will have a lock on new seasonal consumers.

Though summer might still be hanging on, starting early helps you design the perfect cold season and holiday promotional campaign to attract a crowd. Start early with holiday promotional items, distribute quality products early as gifts and advertisements, and watch how profitable the Christmas season can be.


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