4 Tips for Making Your Boss Happy

One of the best ways to keep your job is to make your boss happy. When your supervisor is pleased with your level of performance then you are ensuring that you are stable in your position. Putting forth the right actions in order to make sure that you are secure in your job, means staying on the right path for the long haul.

Happy boss giving a thumb up

Many people fail to realize that with only a few simple adjustments they can really shine in the eyes of their boss. Standing out doesn’t only mean that you are securing your position for the long term, but it also means that you have more chances of getting a promotion or raise. Here are some of the most important things that you can do in order to make your boss happy.

Always Show Up On Time

Showing up on time is one of the most simple yet effective ways to show that you are serious about your job. Dependability is key when it comes to making your boss see you in a responsible and committed light.

Therefore, making it a habit to always show up not only on time but early is ideal when it comes to looking punctual.

If you are always on time or early then your boss is much more likely to excuse the rare occasion that something actually comes up which keeps you from arriving on time. In the case that something out of your control like getting into an accident makes you late, your boss will be that much more likely to let it go. Having a record of being on time before leading up to an incident will make it much more likely to be excused.

Show Initiative

Rather than waiting for your boss to ask you to do something, try to have the intuition and initiative to do it yourself when you see it needs getting done. Since a boss has many things to oversee throughout the day it can be frustrating having to delegate each small task to a team.

Save your boss the trouble and show them that you are a natural self-starter who doesn’t need to be told to get a job done, but instead does it on your own.

Go Beyond Their Expectations

Rather than delivering a mediocre or satisfactory performance on a daily basis why not blow everyone’s minds. Putting your best effort in means that you will outshine your competition and be an asset to your team.

The more that you wow your superiors the more likely you are to ascend in a company.

Be Easy To Work With

Some people are great at their job but are hard to work with. In addition to being great at your role always make sure that you are easy to work with and agreeable.

A positive and cooperative attitude will get you far in the workplace.


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