4 Tips for Boosting Your Beauty Blog

Creating a beauty blog can be something fun as a form of self-expression. Not only can you use it as a creative outlet offering beauty advice, but you can even make money off of it if you go about it the right way.

Beauty blogger

In order to make it a profitable creation, you will need an audience. An audience can be achieved by properly boosting your blog and attracting the masses. When it comes to being able to do this it can seem daunting since there is so much competition out there.

However, if you play your cards right, you can bring in an audience by boosting your blog in the following ways.

Create a Giveaway

One of the fastest ways to attract a following is to have a giveaway. By posting a product or service which appeals to people, encouraging them to tag their friends and family in order to enter to win, you can get as many as thousands of followers a day depending on how attractive your giveaway item is.

Make sure that it is an honest offering of services otherwise you could create an upset. When people feel cheated they won’t be inclined to trust your website or come back for future giveaways.


By making use of hashtags you can ensure that people see your post and ensure that there is plenty of visibility for people who are interested in your subject. Making use of these hashtags is the most effective way to ensure that people can find you when they search for a certain subject.

For example, if they are looking for tips for how to clip in extensions, with a few clicks of a mouse they can easily find your page and find the best tips on how to go about it on your blog. Make sure that you always use the maximum amount of hashtags possible to ensure the most visibility possible.

Follow Other Users

When you follow other users you are encouraging them to do the same for you. By expressing a genuine interest in what they are posting about they will feel inclined to do the same. This way you can get a conversation flowing and get a relationship with your followers.

The better relationship that you have with your followers, the better engagement you will have. Since having followers alone isn’t enough, you should focus on these followers actually participating and showing a genuine interest in the posts.


One of the fastest ways to get new followers is to post an advertisement on Facebook by creating an ad campaign.

You can specifically target the ideal audience based on location, age, and interests.


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