4 Tips to Preventing Construction Accidents

Construction CEOs wrongfully assume that accident prevention rests solely on the shoulders of site managers and workers. But as CEO, it’s also your job to make sure that certain safety protocols are in place and that everyone is properly trained.

Construction accident

In 2013, one out of every five construction workers in Texas incurred injuries that required medical attention. One out of every ten construction workers in the United States as a whole are injured every year.

These four tips can help prevent accidents on your site.

1. Hold Mandatory Safety Meetings

Holding mandatory safety meetings every morning will ensure that all workers and managers are on the same page. During each meeting, have managers discuss any changes to the job site and explain which machinery will be used in each area of the site.

If workers are unaware of site changes and where the machinery will be, it will be challenging to prevent accidents.

Make daily safety meetings a priority.

2. Use Technology to Improve Safety

Investing in construction management software will help site managers stay on top of safety concerns. These software programs offer several helpful features, such as:

  • Incident reports: If there’s an accident on the site, some management software programs allow you to create and file reports right then and there. Quick and easy reporting allows you to keep track of incidents as they happen.
  • Training management: Every site and project will have its own set of risks and safety hazards. Training management software allows you to keep track of which safety protocols have been taught to workers and which ones still need to be trained. This ensures that no safety protocols are overlooked or missed.
  • Root cause analysis: Injuries can sometimes happen without an obvious explanation. Some software programs help managers determine the root cause of the incident and minimize gaps in their safety protocols.

The right combination of management software programs will keep safety at the top of your priority list and minimize the risk of accidents.

3. Ensure Workers Practice Healthy Habits

Instilling healthy habits in your workers can also help prevent accidents. Nearly 40% of men aged 40-59 are obese, and the average age of construction workers is 40. There’s a good chance that many members of your crew are overweight

There are a few things you can do to promote a healthy work environment and prevent medical-related accidents.

  • Provide water and healthy snack options. Give your workers healthy food options to keep them energized and satiated. Offering water instead of sugary energy drinks and soda will help prevent dehydration. Providing healthy food and drink options to your workers is a small price to pay for added safety.
  • Warm up before you start the day. Before contractors start the day, have them warm up through stretching and light exercise. Entering the site stiff and tried will make some workers more prone to injury.
  • Give workers access to shade. Direct sun exposure can cause hyperthermia, heat exhaustion and sun burn. Excess exposure can lead to dizziness and nausea. Make sure that workers have a shaded place to rest, and provide wide-brim hats to block as much sunlight as possible.

It’s also important to make sure that workers have regular breaks during the day to prevent fatigue and exhaustion.

4. Make Sure Your Workers are Visible

Poor visibility is the cause of many injuries and a common issue in the field. Ensuring that workers are outfitted with bright, reflective clothing will improve visibility and help reduce the risk of injuries.

While there is no guaranteed way to prevent construction site accidents, following the tips above can help minimize the risk.


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