CEOs: 7 Ways to Improve Your Australian Visa Application

Year upon year, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection will receive thousands of work, family, student and migrant visas – many applications will be deemed successful, but there are still those thousands that will, unfortunately, be knocked back.

Australian visa

Are you someone who is about to submit a visa application of your own in? If so, you may want to read this article first. Today, we will touch on 7 ways to improve your Australian visa application. Visa applications can often cost hefty sums of money, so you want to ensure that you have done all that you possibly can to make your application a successful one. Read on to find out more!

1. Evidence, Evidence, Evidence!

Evidence is truly one of the most crucial bits in applying for an Australian visa. According to education consultant Cosmos Consultancy, Work, family and business visas in particular require lots substantiating evidence. You need to be able to prove that relationships are genuine, along with your qualifications and job history.

Always remember, it is not just your word that they are going to take into account. Your information needs to be verifiable with others, whether it is your friends, family, colleagues or employers. Ensuring that all the information over various sources is kept consistent is key towards a successful visa application.

2. Be Accurate

There is no room for guessing when it comes to applying for an Australian Visa. All your information needs to be as accurate as it can possibly be. In fact, did you know that applications get picked up because of small, seemingly insignificant and often very innocent mistakes? Being as detailed and accurate as possible – as well cross-checking for consistency on your Social Media pages– will make your application process that much smoother.

3. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Acting with total honesty and integrity throughout your visa application process is highly important, and if you get caught telling lies or fibbing, the consequences can be serious. The Department can issue bans on lodging further applications if you are caught being dishonest, and it will reflect poorly on your character for all future attempts.

If something on your application doesn’t line up, it is always advised to inform the Department as to why you cannot provide certain documents or information. Honestly is favoured over outright fibbing, so always keep that in mind.

4. Stay Organised

Visa applications can involve having to print out hundreds of sheets of documents, identification and application forms. It is all too easy to get lost in the bundle of paperwork, and this is why staying organised is so crucial. Highlighting relevant sections in your documents, ensuring that they are in chronological order and that files are orientated the right way round is the first step.

This makes life easier for both you, and the Department when they receive your application. Always remember to organise your digital files in the same manner as well. This will also assist you with record-keeping and locating documents should you need to re-submitted or used for later applications.

5. Abide By The Time and Deadline Rules

Always remember to abide by time and deadline rules. Whether it is submitting documents or qualifications on an English test, keeping to your deadline is key. If you miss deadlines, your application may be rejected even if you have all the documents needed.

6. Make Sure You Use The Right Visa

Now this sounds silly, but it happens. If you are entering Australia with the intention of staying long-term, you will need to use the right visa at the first point of entry, or make sure you’re eligible for a bridging visa.

In other words, a tourist visa will not cut it because you can’t come into a country intending to breach the visa you came in on, and tourist visas are strictly for holiday purposes. It is good to do some research into different Visas that you may initially be eligible for, as some allow you to stay in Australia while they are being processed, whilst others do not.

7. Use A Migration Agent

Using a migration agent is one of the best ways to further boost your chances of a visa application approval. A registered Migration Agent will be able to provide you with invaluable advice on which visa is most appropriate for you, as well as assist you with lodging a well-prepared application, and will know about immigration laws and procedures. This will make your life that much easier.

With these 7 ways in which you can improve your Australian Visa application, we are sure that you are one step closer to living your dreams in Australia. Best of luck!


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