Implementing Facilities Management Successfully in 7 Steps

Handling the management and maintenance of facility operations is a mammoth task. Thanks to facilities management software like CMMS, the face of facilities management has changed significantly and the overall performance of maintenance departments has enhanced.

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Here are 7 steps to successfully implementing facilities management.

1. Effectively Manage Spare Parts Inventory

Start by managing the spare parts inventory. Imagine not finding a critical part when you need it urgently. Not only will it delay your processes but there will be wastage of time and money. When the maintenance unit is well organized, the maintenance supervisors can easily locate the parts needed at any time, at any location.

An asset management software helps in keeping track of organizational assets that need to be taken care of and sets up the automatic re-ordering of parts to ensure that appropriate spare parts are available at all times. It also helps in conducting repairs easily. The system also accurately provides the details of the locations where the parts are stored, thus ensuring that you don’t waste time in browsing through the warehouses.

2. Minimize Paperwork

One benefit of embracing technology and software like CMMS is the elimination of paperwork as the software can be setup to record information automatically. Moreover, the maintenance staff will be able to see all the information that is linked to work orders/tasks on their mobile devices or computers. This means that maintenance experts can forget about the days when they had to search through filing cabinets and folders to obtain the information needed.

3. Enhance Productivity

The next step is to enhance productivity in the facility. Hook the computerized maintenance management systems to various mobile gadgets, which makes it possible for you to gain access to real-time data, issue work orders away from the workstation and check inventory. This will cut down your journey time to a great degree.

CMMS also helps in offering the maintenance technicians with important information about the processes, tools and parts necessary to accomplish a task. This helps them work without interruption or delay.

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4. Bring Down Repair Costs and Downtime

You must make an effort to reduce two things in your organization — downtime and repair costs. Downtime will cut deep in your pockets through revenue loss and a dent to the business’s reputation and brand.

You can mitigate equipment downtime by focusing on planned maintenance. By implementing preventive maintenance software in the facility, you can routinely maintain assets and structures. This will make them less vulnerable to breakdowns, which further equates to lowered maintenance costs.

5. Ensure Conformity with Regulation Standards

The next step is to conform to the regulations standards. You must abide by the national and global regulatory requirements. It isn’t uncommon for the maintenance administrators to face occasional audits by the regulatory authorities.

A CMMS will help in proving regulatory conformity and decreasing the amount of paperwork and preparation that is required for an audit. You can create reports showing the maintenance work done on essential machinery, which makes conformity traceable and minimizes the risk of non-compliance penalties.

6. Boost Safety

A warehouse management software will help your business in regularly maintaining and checking equipment and achieving safety standards to avoid critical malfunction and failures. This increases safety and reduces the loss of work-time that may be caused due to mishaps. It will also make your tools safer for both workers and the environment.

7. Reduce Overtime

The last step consists of reducing overtime. Mobile CMMS is capable of cutting down the overtime to a great extent by decreasing the need for emergency repairs and maintenance. By scheduling maintenance, your repair staff can work more effectively and efficiently. Work with the right company and choose a CMMS that has the appropriate functionality to enhance your ROI.


Maintenance is important — there are no two ways about it. Instead of viewing it as an added expense, consider maintenance as a profit center. The right kind of CMMS can help in fulfilling the potential of your operations.


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