The Rise of Do-It-Yourself Home Business Security

Running a home business? If so, then home security is even more important for you. Not only protecting your personal well-being, but you also need to protect your business’ continuity.  Indeed, it’s essential for peace of mind. It doesn’t matter if you live in a normally safe neighborhood. Unwanted, nefarious intrusions can happen anywhere, at any time.

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For a long time, folks have been relying on security companies to guarantee their protection. However, many people are now finding it better to find their own ways of securing their home business. Here are some ways you can perform DIY home security.

Secure the Exterior of Your House

The outside of your house is what a criminal is going to use to determine whether it’s worth breaking into. There are a lot of indicators on the exterior of your home that can be appealing to burglars. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Keep Your Yard in Good Condition: One thing thieves will consider is a home’s yard maintenance. If the yard is neat and orderly, the homeowners will probably have a plan to deter criminals. A messy yard can indicate a lack of care, foresight or extended absence—making for an easier target.

  • Eliminate Hiding Places: It’s easier for thieves to break in if they can conceal themselves. By keeping a low profile, they will be able to get up to your house and wait for the perfect time of entry.

  • Build a Fence: A fence does a few things. First, it conceals your home—making it more difficult for burglars to know if it’s safe to enter the property. They also make getting onto and leaving the property more difficult. This can make a break-in completely impractical.

Get a Dog

A dog is another way people can protect their property without getting a legacy security system. Dogs are great because you get companionship along with their protection. Even a small dog’s bark can be enough to give intruders second thoughts. If, however, you’re going to get a larger guard dog, you should consider a few things. First, you’ll want to train the dog so it doesn’t attack friendly guests. You will also want to check your housing regulations to make sure there are no breed restrictions.

Set Up Cameras and Motion Sensors

Security camera

Cameras and motion sensors are both great measures for keeping your home and business safe from the bad guys. If you’re away from home, you can check its status on the cameras.

Did you know what other benefit of installing a home security system? You can get the best homeowners insurance policy rates. That’s right, insurance companies know you will be less likely to file claims if you have these items. This leads them to lower your rates.

Don’t Leave Expensive Items in View

People typically don’t want to break into a house unless they think it will be worth their risk. One way to make people think this is by leaving expensive items in clear view. This can include fancy cars in the driveway, or art behind a large window. It’s just not particularly wise to advertise how much good stuff you have to the general public.

Don’t Leave Windows Open or Doors Unlocked

This might seem incredibly obvious, but it’s something many people forget or don’t do. A burglar is going to check to see if your front door or windows are open before anything else. If you’ve done either of these things, you’ve just given them free reign of your home business. It will be easy for them to take whatever they want, without causing a commotion.

Security is a serious concern for all homeowners. Don’t be lackadaisical in keeping your abode safe from unwanted visitors.


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