Get The Most Value for Each Dollar You Spend: Here’s How (Infographic)

Think of the ways you spend your money! Be specific, be controlled and affording luxurious things will no longer be a dream. The infographic drawn by Oliver’s Travels gives us a clear comparison between what we buy and what we could buy for a certain amount of money.

Piggy bank

What if you were told that instead of spending money on 12 nights out in NYC, you can book a 5-Day tour to visit Canada and view the Northern Lights? What if you do not spend $906 on Christmas this year and instead rent out a villa in the Caribbean! The infographic has an advice for Formula 1 fans too. Cut off smoking cigars for a year and get a Grandstand Ticket for just $616. That would truly be a dream come true, right?

Be wise about your money spending habits and think of the best ways you can use your money. Check out the infographic to make your life more luxurious – for less.

How to get more luxury for your money - infographic


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