Why The Construction Industry Needs Superior Suppliers

Multiple sectors of the Canadian construction industry are seeing incredible growth in a difficult economy — the estimated statistics are positive, the number of job openings is rising, and the list of future projects is getting longer. This means that the construction industry has to be prepared for the increasing demands, especially when it comes to their chemical supplies.

Construction business

The growing construction industry in Canada

Construction is a powerful industry that manages to stay steady and even grow when other industries are going through economic troubles. According to data from the National Research Council of Canada, the Canadian construction industry employs over one million people—considering how the country’s entire population is estimated to be over thirty-six million people, this is an impressive percentage. The council also refers to the Canadian construction industry as a $171 billion industry, covering the building of residential, commercial and institutional infrastructure.

The industry is currently undergoing a boom across the entire country, especially for surging city centres like Toronto. Ontario’s capital is expected to be one of 2018’s biggest growth leaders mostly due to the local construction sector—while the hot market for residential construction is cooling down, condominium construction is still reaching new heights.

Other urban centres across the country are seeing similar situations with more construction projects on the horizon and greater demand for tradespeople to enter the field.

The search for innovative suppliers

If businesses within the industry want to keep up with the continual expansion, they should turn to an experienced chemical supplier for help. An innovative supplier will offer the latest products for companies in the construction industry — they should reach specific markets like adhesives, mastics, sealants, caulks, roofing, renders, stuccos, mortars and concrete. They will need to meet the demand for chemical solutions like biocides, defoamers, solvents, resins, clays, curing agents, fillers, extenders and rheology modifiers. High-quality chemical products will guarantee that projects can be completed quickly and efficiently with long-lasting results.

Companies within the construction industry should consider an innovative supplier like CCC Chemicals, otherwise known as Canada Colors and Chemicals Limited. The company is one of the largest independent distributors in Canada — they are also the tenth largest distributor on the entire continent. They have almost a century of experience providing customers with superior chemical solutions for their specific fields, including the field of construction. The company has a diverse portfolio filled with high-quality chemical materials sourced from across the globe—this list is available and accessible on the company’s official website.

Businesses within the Canadian construction industry would highly benefit from a connection with CCC Chemicals because of their portfolio, their strong customer service and their years of experience reaching competitive markets.


Based on market predictions and extensive data, the Canadian construction industry will keep expanding throughout the year 2018 — there is an expansion of projects in the near-future and an increase in job calls related to those projects. With the help of an experienced and market-savvy chemical supplier, businesses can be prepared to meet that high volume of demand.


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