Top Mobile App Trends For 2018

It’s always important to stay up-to-date on current trends regardless of what business you are in, and the mobile app world is certainly no exception.

Business owner using mobile apps

Regardless of whether you are a professional developer who builds app for a living or are a small business owner who uses an app to engage with your customers, you will need to be aware of the biggest mobile app trends that exist right now.

With that said, here are the top mobile app trends for 2018:

Android Instant Apps Are Becoming Big

The first major trend is that Android Instant Apps are becoming more and more popular. Android Instant Apps were originally introduced by Google in 2016, and two years later they have become nearly omnipresent.

The reason why Instant Apps are becoming popular is because it allows users to access apps anywhere without having to actually install them, which is hugely convenient.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Will Become More Popular

Accelerated mobile pages allow web page load time to be sped up in mobile devices, which improves bounce and conversion rates while also giving mobile search engines greater visibility and improving the overall user experience.

Expect this to further develop in the future as adopting higher and faster search engine rankings becomes even more important.

Companies Are Adopting Cloud Based App Development Technology

Another major mobile app development is how companies are utilizing cloud based app development technology. The benefit to adopting this kind of technology is they are having improved productivity and a more streamlined operation.

Furthermore, cloud based apps can gather data from the cloud, which reduces the load time on internal memory. It’s beneficial for both business owners and app developers alike, and more companies will begin to adopt it in the very near future.

On-Demand Mobile Apps Have Gained Massive Popularity

On-demand mobile apps simply male our lives easier because we can use them anywhere and at any time at our own convenience.

Examples of on-demand mobile apps include tax services, car cleaning apps, laundry services, apartment rental apps, and food ordering apps. The more people find out they can book hotel rooms or order food via apps, the more on-demand apps will be downloaded.

Mobile Security Is An Even Bigger Priority

While mobile security has always been a large concern for businesses and app developers, businesses in particular are starting to prioritize mobile security in order to protect transactions and user information.

Many app users have understandably been hesitant to use apps that require mobile payment for security and privacy reasons. In order to appeal to these kinds of people, businesses are having to make mobile security of utmost importance and marketing the security measures they have taken as part of their overall advertising campaigns

The Top Mobile App Trends For 2018

While there are many more mobile app trends out there for you to research, the five we have covered today are arguably the biggest and most important ones that you need to be aware of.


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