Amazing Places to Promote Your Blog or Website

About two billion users are currently on the Internet. The number of users turning to the Internet for buying goods or ordering services has increased significantly and the trends are accelerating. Some of those visitors may be your ideal customers. If you achieve even a tiny fraction of them, your business will be capable of working successfully.

Social media marketing channels

Marketing on the Internet is more affordable and effective with greater reach than traditional one as people spend more time in the virtual world. Expanding your business to the web exposes your products or services to a larger customer base. On the other hand, without proper advertising and marketing tools, few will ever find your site. Getting the customers to visit your website or blog will result in dramatically boosted revenue if your web page is effective, interactive, and well-promoted.

Having a good website with brilliant content that describes your product or service is not enough. The absence of visitors to your page may be a real disappointment. If people are not aware of your site or blog, they will never visit it.

Traffic is essential to promote your website. Without it, you don’t have any clients and as a consequence no online identity. Online presence enables search engines to index your company site. You are required to promote your company day and night.

The following are the best places to help you get more traffic to your site and then convert curious readers into paying customers.

Exploiting social media platforms to promote your website or blog

By using social media to the fullest extent, it is possible to generate much interest in your company and its website.

One of the most popular forms of social media is Twitter. Twitter makes it effortless to register and start sharing your news and updates, but you have to keep it brief as you are limited to 140 characters of text per post. Just visit this place and register for a free account. Now you can start posting short messages about what you are selling. Anyone who uses Twitter has possibility subscribe to the Twitter feed of someone else and receive the comments, called Tweets.

You are also able to create a group or engage in an existing one at to spread the word about you. When you create a blog post about one of the discussed topics, always include a link. Additionally, this social platform provides a question and answer section where it is also possible to insert some links to your site to promote it. Use LinkedIn to connect with experts in your area and obtain traffic from them all over the world.

It is useful to start a personal Facebook page with a link to your website. Having about a billion users, it may be a great place to promote your brand with images and photos.

Produce eye-catching content, post it frequently, and share other users’ posts to experience much traffic driven to your page.

Telling your friends and family

When you launch a new website or redesign an old one, don’t be shy of reaching out your friends, family, and existing customers. It is a perfect reason to email personal and professional contacts to remind about your company. To make your announcement more fun, consider sending e-cards with colorful animation or a piece of music to dramatize it.

You can choose, for example, which offers lots of free cards with smart sayings, interactive animations, and professional design. Many of these e-cards include the sound.

Another useful e-card collection is found at But if you want to enjoy sending its professional greetings, you have to pay for it.


photo credit: Travis Wise / Flickr

Sharing your content with other software platforms

Content sharing websites enable you to publish your content and share it with other readers. When you transform your thoughts and ideas into text, you are free to link back to your page with that content. As soon as the readers scan your interesting and fresh content, they have the chance to click on these links.

Many photo sharing sites help others to download your photos from their pages. Flickr allows other people to use your pictures online for free. You need simply to require anyone who downloads your photos to apply a link back to your website.

You are up to generate your audience using YouTube or other video sharing platforms. By properly describing a video in the title and description, you will receive lots of extra traffic to your company online.

Furthermore, you are capable of sharing presentations, books, guides, or articles with document sharing platforms that are indexed by Google and rank pretty high. Simply compose something valuable to submit to one of such platforms with a link back to your website. Inserting your URL within one of such documents will provide you with steady traffic as long as the content is worth reading. If you aren’t good at a written word, you can pay to write a paper to receive original and compelling content.

Finally, you should use or other file-sharing platforms to allow your readers have access to bright flyers, images, videos, anything that really can direct someone to you.


Writing a blog and then adding it to your website makes it easy to ensure fresh content as blogs are designed for frequent updates. Becoming a blogger, you join the ranks of a prolific group of writers who frequently refer their readers to each other’s blogs.

It is crucial that your blog features interesting and relevant information for your audience and you need to update it regularly. If you want to get blog traffic, find time to take part in other writer’s blogs. Adding appropriate tips and comments to other blogs is an excellent method to make their visitors come to your page.

Selling something

When the customers buy something online, they are most likely to explore the source of the goods or services. Sell something related to your industry market with the links included to your web page and you will drive tons of relevant traffic back to your website.

People are constantly looking for a great deal. Offer special deals at to turn the users into traffic for your website. If you are an owner of an eBook you are able to sell it via eBay or Amazon. Include a link to your business within the about section. The readers who are interested to learn more will follow up on your page.

Craigslist can also ensure a lot of traffic for you as it is one of the most visited places on the Internet. Simply create a relevant craigslist post to send traffic to your page.

Kickstarter is the best alternative for a starting entrepreneur to promote his company. It enables to place your brand using the link on the front page of your Kickstarter to get some money as well as additional traffic.

Business website

Marketing your web page to the media

Don’t wait for journalists to come to you. Create a good story and get the attention of someone who can write about it in the press that is read by your potential customers. If you are looking for press coverage, it is necessary to add a press section on your page with story ideas, contact information, and other press coverage you have got.

A good method to make a journalist get interested in your company and obtain your web address in the press is to visit the related sites and study their press section to find out who and what has written about them. Then send a well-pitched note directly to that writer with an offer to write about you. Your message should be brief with a news hook and story idea that goes beyond promoting your business.

Implementing the power of viral marketing

Viral marketing is another way to promote your company online. The key idea is that a message is so inspiring, entertaining, and convincing that the readers want to share it with their friends who then pass it to their friends until your post spreads like a virus. The message may be a video, article, or a photo, for example.

The most effective strategy can be a piece of humor. Funny video clips are also highly viral and shared around the web. To enable viral marketing to attract visitors to your page, you should include a section with funny photos, industry jokes, or top lists and then ensure your readers telling their friends about you.

By implementing all the described tricks you will reduce costs while increasing your online business sales and profits. Make sure you type your URL on all your marketing materials, including business cards, brochures, stationery, and anyone else you can advertise your blog or website.

No matter what kind of business you run, the possibilities are endless when it comes to online advertising and promotional solutions. The Internet is the ultimate marketing tool that brings immediate access to billions of users worldwide. When you have an online presence through your website or blog, you can take advantages of this marketplace for little or no investment.


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