Different Types of Commercial Burglary Explained

There are no sure ways to prevent commercial burglary but there are ways to reduce the risk considerably. Before investing in the latest security systems, it is very important to know the different types of commercial burglary.

Commercial burglar

The City of London Police categorises commercial burglary into the following types:

Smash and grab

These burglaries literally involve smashing – typically the windows – and grabbing the most valuable items. According to the City of London Police, the so-called ‘smash and grab’ burglaries may also involve stolen cars being driven into the premises so that the burglars can force themselves inside and get away as soon as possible. Burglary that involves motor vehicles driven through the windows or doors of a business is known as ram-raiding.

The usual targets of ram-raiding are typically shops, but other businesses are just as vulnerable, especially those that may have valuable items inside the premises. The misuse of cars and other motor vehicles for ram-raiding doesn’t only cause significant damage to the building, but it’s also a major public safety concern.


The idiom “opportunity makes the thief” is very true, as many commercial burglaries are a result of burglars taking advantage of poor security features. These can include: CCTV cameras not working, poor lighting, or unsecure doors and windows, to mention just a few. Even though ‘opportunistic’ burglars usually don’t take much – only what they can quickly grab and get away with – they can cause a substantial amount of damage, especially if they take valuable objects or steal items that contain sensitive information.

The good news is that this type of burglary can be prevented by upgrading the business’ security, and especially by securing the doors and windows. A 24 Hour London Locksmith also advises having doors and windows regularly checked by a professional. Even though they appear to be functioning perfectly, they may not be secure.


This type of burglary is very difficult to prevent as it involves overcoming the security systems, including the most sophisticated ones – hence the term sophisticated burglary. It also involves careful planning in order for the burglars to find a way to overcome the security measures. However, burglars often simply turn off the alarm thanks to the inside information.

Another common method involves setting off the alarm over and over again until the security/police start to ignore it, erroneously thinking it’s a ‘false alarm’. The most common targets of sophisticated commercial burglary are businesses holding highly valuable content inside their premises.


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