How Using Business Self Storage Can Benefit Your Company

It’s a little known fact, but self storage is a godsend for small businesses and ecommerce companies worldwide. These handy units give companies the flexibility, security, accessibility, and space-saving ability that all modern businesses rely on for successful operation – and all at an affordable price.

Self storage

Self storage units are valuable for a broad range of commercial applications – including business storage, retail storage, document/file storage, office storage, or stock storage.

To find a reputable storage provider, see those recommended by an authoritative organisation – if you’re looking for self storage companies in the UK, for example, search your postcode on the Self Storage Association website.

How can using business self storage benefit your company?

These secure self storage units are seen by many as the way forward in terms of a convenient, cost-cutting option to benefit a business. Here are just a few of the main advantages.

1. Self storage can cut costs

The aim of any business is to save money. If you’re renting a larger premises solely for the necessity of storage space, then off site self storage units can relieve your premises of this burden, and give you the freedom to downsize and save cash.

Quite simply, the cost of renting a self storage unit will always be less than the overheads you will be paying for a larger premises, especially in a city like London (take a look at the costs of renting London office space here!). And if your company is based online, why not relocate the entire business to a unit?

2. A storage unit saves on office or retail space

If you’re storing excess stock, files and equipment at your office or retail premises it can quite literally become a stumbling block for the smooth operation of your site. Transferring goods and products to a storage unit can lift the burden from your premises and free up space. This concentrates these excess items into one easy-to-access place and may then lead to you being able to downsize.

3. Self storage units are highly secure

Storage units – at least those provided by reputable business storage companies – are always housed in robust facilities that boast 24/7 CCTV, cutting-edge alarm systems, and tip-top fire safety. This gives you the peace of mind that you’ll never have to worry about your equipment and stock coming to any harm.

Business owner in a self storage

4. Storage is flexible to your needs

A diverse choice of unit sizes are available at many facilities. This gives you the flexibility to choose a space that is perfectly suited to your needs, and has the capacity to cater for small business stock needs to large ecommerce demands. As your company expands or needs to scale back, self storage companies will be able to accommodate these changes and move you to a smaller or larger unit accordingly.

5. You can preserve the condition of your stock

Damaged stock or equipment can have a big impact on company expenses. Keeping goods lying around at your premises makes accidents and damage more likely. Luckily, self storage units are designed to preserve contents under ideal conditions. For example, many units are kept temperature-controlled and insulated to prevent moisture damage.

6. Storage units are accessible round-the-clock

To keep your company running like clockwork, 24 hour access is vital for some businesses. You may need to be able to access your stock anytime, day or night, and some self storage providers can offer this availability.

7. Storage providers can assist with logistics

Some storage companies can take assisting your business to the next level with a variety of logistical services. Using document storage as an example, dedicated archive storage facilities provide services such as cataloguing, data entry, scanning, document shredding/destruction and even delivery services. This frees up time for you to spend on what’s really important for your company.


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