3 Reasons Why It’s Easier Than Ever to Become an Entrepreneur

The economy has been improving for nearly a decade now and unemployment has sunk below its natural rate. This means that there really are no more excuses. If you have a dream of launching your own business, now is the time.

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Entrepreneurship will never be easy in any economy. It takes passion, dedication, hard work, long hours, and an understanding that the struggle may last for years before paying off. But if you really want to take the plunge, it’s time to stop talking and start acting.

Fortunately, there are many reasons that make the modern, digital age the best time ever to achieve your goals. The following represent a few of the reasons that right now is when you should start to transform your good idea into a smashing success.

1. Online Presence

As far as the outside public is concerned, many businesses can get up and running in no time flat. With a little bit of commitment upfront, you can create a sleek, modern website that gives off the impression of professionalism from the jump. Add some associated Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and it will make it seem like you are just as established as a large corporation that has been around for decades.

There still needs to be some steak to go along with that sizzle if you really want to accomplish anything. But site-builders like SquareSpace and Wix make it so easy. And seeing your own real live website up and running will do wonders for you self confidence and motivation to move forward.

2. Funding Sources

Just as always, you should really only start a venture that you believe can bring in enough revenue to not just sustain itself but grow. That said, there are also a range of new funding models that can help get you going or pay some of the bills. Independent craftworkers, for example, can use Go Fund Me or Kickstarter to help bank their first project. This probably won’t give you enough operating capital to fully fund an ongoing business. But most companies start with one product, and getting the first one to market is critical to progressing further.

Other small businesses — even podcast producers or periodical authors — use Patreon to grow a subscriber base who each contribute a small sum each month. Having 10 people contribute $1.99 per month won’t get you very far, but this can be expanded over time to a base of hundreds — or thousands. You will likely need other revenue streams for the long term, but even watching a few hundred dollars hit your bank account each month is encouraging.

3. Partner Programs

If you aren’t quite ready to launch a business completely on you own, there are companies that offer good ways to move into entrepreneurship in other ways. Amway, for example, is always seeking new associates, and so many people have started out small before building their network out into a thriving operation. Watching one of the videos on the Amway YouTube channel is a quick way to get inspired before taking the next step to running your own business.

Other options also exist all over the web. Amazon, for example, has an affiliate program that many bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters use to help bring in a few more bucks. Just by promoting some books your customers might like or new fashion pieces, you can not just make some cash but also establish a closer relationship with your audience.

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The options are endless. Professionals such as web developer and massage therapist barely even existed a few decades ago, and now millions of people are making a full-time living by offering these types of services — and many more.

It’s time to put your talent to test. All you need to do is establish an online presence, find some helpful funding sources, and find assistance and inspiration from those entrepreneurs who have already begun to find success. There is no time like the present and you too can change your life for the better by starting your own business today.


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