Growing Your Business: 3 Under-Utilized yet Effective Advertising Channels for Lawyers

Marketing is an essential proponent for lawyers, but getting it right is not always straightforward. Regardless of the type of law you practice, you’re swimming in the same pool of clients as numerous other firms.

Like most businesses, it only takes a few seconds to attract a customer and convince them to consider you over other attorneys in your area. Therefore, putting together an advertising strategy that quickly captures the attention of prospective clients can propel you to the top of the competition.

Law firm marketing

You may already be implementing conventional advertising channels like yellow pages, radio, and television but if you’re wary that you’re not doing enough, these three lesser-utilized but useful methods can be the finishing touches your marketing plan needs.

1. Social Media

When formulating a marketing strategy, it pays to know that a considerable chunk of your clientele is actively using social media. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be valuable channels for connecting with clients, other law firms and even prospective employees. And if you create a Google Plus account for your firm, the content you share will be indexed by Google, and you will gain prominent features in user search results.

The key to mastering social media advertising is identifying your client base and building your profile around it. Twitter, for instance, has millions of users, but to succeed in marketing your firm, you’ll need to discover and follow the influencers, lawyers, and clients in your specific industry. If you’re yet to breach geographical borders, tighten your social media grip to parties that are within your area of operation. That way, you can begin to build a devoted social media community around you, which will get your name known even in the real world.

2. Emails

A social media presence enables you to develop a following around your brand, but email gives you the chance to interact with a client one-on-one. Using your Facebook or Twitter account, as well as your website to gather emails for newsletter subscriptions or for sharing personalized information about new services is an excellent way to keep your clients close.

Even if you’re only using email to thank a client for their business, consider every message you send as an opportunity to market your firm, and include your contact information and links to your social profiles and website, along with other details that would be helpful. A service like HubSpot or Rocketseed can help you design a uniform, professional email signature with all the information you need to promote your business.

3. Online Ads

Online advertisements are increasingly becoming the go-to option for new firms that want to get themselves out there as quickly as possible. While social media and emails can take time to produce results, paying for ads online gives you a more direct channel to reach your target clientele.

Arguably the most effective types of online ads for lawyers are pay-per-click or PPC ads. These advertisements are configured through major search engines like Google and Bing to appear at the top or on the side of search-result pages. If you’ve been finding it hard to rank among the first Google results, purchasing PPC ads can provide immediate, stress-free exposure. Search-result ads require a bit of optimization, but a lawyer advertising agency like Whitehardt Inc. can help you conduct proper keyword analysis and test out ad languages to refine the targeting and messaging of your campaign.


In today’s competitive space, getting a steady flow of clients means taking more active measures to advertise your firm. While TVs and Yellow Pages are still viable solutions, the channels above could significantly improve your numbers.


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