6 Tools You Should Equip your Field Workforce with

Intricate fieldwork requires a complex combination of skill as well as equipment in order to be executed properly. In this era of advanced technology and fast paced technological progress, there are many tools available to guide field workers through their everyday tasks. With right kind of equipment being employed, even the toughest of tasks become not only easier, but also more efficient and all the more quick.

Engineer doing field work

In this article, we break down the 5 essential tools that field workers must be equipped with in order to carry out their job as efficiently as possible:

1. Geo locators

Geo locators are an essential of the field. They can help the workers acquire a better understanding of the geographical location as well as other related factors pertaining to the task at hand. With geo locators, field workers have the ability to track the progress of the sites that they happen to be working on, as well as receiving statistical analysis all with the help of one gadget.

In short, geo locators come with a range of useful and must be handed to all field workers for more efficiency in the task they’re carrying out.

2. Toolkit

Every field worker must set out with a basic toolkit that has all the fundamental tool units, so as to allow all workers to carry out their domain of work without any hindrance. This toolkit can comprise anything from wrenches, screwdrivers, wire strippers, wire cutters, testers, hammers and everything else that can come.im handy while on site. All of these tools are extremely integral to carrying out the most basic tasks involved in a field worker’s daily work – and must be essentially added to the field workers equipment bag.

Another important thing to note is here to ensure that the toolkit is checked and audited at regular intervals so as to avoid any inconvenience on the spot. This is because these toolkits are often provided by companies and have a chance of not having been standard checked before they reach the field workers.

One more thing: Be sure to bring the right toolkit.  Fixing or installing water meters require certain tools, but not all tools – be effective with what your field workforce is carrying with them.

3. Rugged Gadgets

Chances are, your field engineers need to bring computing devices with them.  Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are necessary items that can help in getting the job done.  The problem is, most of those gadgets are not designed for field works.

The solution for is to invest in rugged gadgets.  Rugged tablet PCs can give you compact design, as well as the durability and resistance required for outdoor work activities.  The same goes for rugged laptops and smartphones.

One advice: Go for intrinsically safe tablets, laptops and/or smartphones. While adding rugged protections to your typical gadget could work, but these are often not enough for working in demanding and harsh environment.

4. Field Manual

It’d be foolish to expect that every field worker already knows the ins and outs of their particular field and can operate easily without any kind of guidance. Truth is, field manuals are essential to familiarise the field workers with the crucial details about their field and everything that pertains to their everyday tasks.

Every field has its own nuances and unique properties – and field manuals are a great way to summarise all these properties in order to guide any field worker through their everyday job. Moreover, these field guides can also save time and increase efficiency as field workers aren’t required to unnecessarily depend on their memory, as a guide is readily available to help them out.

Accounting all factors at hand, field manuals are an important and worthy investment that all companies must be making for their field workers.

5. Flashlight

Setting out on a venture, but without any way to bring light to the darkness? A huge no no! All field workers must be provided with a reliable and durable flashlight that isn’t just going to give up at a crucial moment and place the field worker at jeopardy.

When it’s time to focus on specific takes or illuminate certain dark areas – flashlights are all field workers have to get them through. Flashlights are also specifically important if the field workers have to provide round-the-clock services on the field or if they are dealing with machinery of any kind. It’s also recommended that field workers be processed with not just durable flashlights but also a bunch of extra batteries so that there is sufficient backup in case the flashlight fails in times of an emergency.

With a flashlight in hand, it is assured that all field workers will not be hampered by a lack of visual clarity on field. And this is an essential when it comes to carrying out safe and efficient field work.

6. Music Player

One might think that music players are a useless and even distracting tool to provide to field workers. However, research shows that many workers on the field are able to concentrate better while having some music to listen to. Moreover, music can also add a little bit of entertainment to otherwise mundane tasks hence make the jobless dull for field workers.


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