Top Gifts for a Budding Entrepreneur

Passing out of grad school is one of the most exciting moments in anyone’s life. It is the time when one transition from a purely academic to organizational experience and is almost bracing up to take up their dream jobs.

Graduating from business school is one of the most significant milestones that one achieves after years of academic struggle and hard work. Whether it is your child, a close friend or a loved one, when someone attains a milestone he deserves appreciation and celebration of his achievement.

Gifts for graduates

One of the best ways to celebrate such achievements is by rewarding them with a memorable present. Although numerous options can be considered for a graduation present, the ideal one would be that which one can keep for life and cherish your memories whenever they see or use it.

Although it is much easier to pick such memorable keepsakes for women, it is challenging to select a perfect present for a man that is not only precious and memorable but also has some utility. Here are some of the ideas that can make fantastic graduation presents.

Cuff Links

Your T-Shirt clad football playing guy will soon be taking up an executive position as an entrepreneur or an executive wearing a tailored suit. What would be better than a pair of cufflinks glistening on his wrists? A pair of cufflinks will not only remind him of the most memorable day of his life but also about how you remembered him and celebrated his achievement.

There are many variations available for cufflinks to suit every kind of taste and budget. You can go for a gold plated or a diamond-studded pair of cufflinks or tone down to a 925 sterling silver pair if you have a moderate budget. Cufflinks can also be personalized by engraving yours or his initials or his business startup date on the pair.


Apple Watch

Graduating and entering the industry formally is usually the time when one decides to invest in a watch. Typically, many men inherit expensive watches from their father as they are passed down through generations. Although no one can discredit the worth of a vintage family watch, he will be grateful for the latest design that is going to be solely his possession. Make him feel he has earned it through his hard work.

A luxury watch such as an Omega Speedmaster will make an excellent gift for someone who will be taking up an executive or an Entrepreneurial role. There is a wide range of styles and dial sizes available which you can choose from depending on his personality.

Wrist Band

Not everyone likes carrying a watch even while being in an executive role and some men love moving their casual fashionista self. Likewise, not everyone has the budget to give something as expensive as a luxury watch. However, that does not mean that you do not have the right and ability to provide a memorable keepsake.

Get a customized wristband made with his initials and a memorable date engraved. You can choose a wristband that fits your budget. Usually, 925 Sterling Silver bands are moderately priced and have exceptional quality and worth.

So, there you go – three gift ideas for budding entrepreneurs. If you would like to add something, please share it on the comment section.


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