Live Video Promotions to Help Your Business Growth

If you’re trying to grow your business, you’re probably trying to approach that goal from as many different perspectives as possible. You may have worked your way through photography pretty quickly in your quest to get good digital imaging for your company. However, it’s a little bit more difficult to get video going, and then especially live video. That’s where you can get creative and really get cracking.

Live video streaming for marketing

What are a few live applications that you can think of right away? Facebook live is one. And then Instagram live takes you to another platform. And then Snapchat live is yet another way to showcase what you’re doing in the immediate moment. All of them can be used extensively for business promotions.

Facebook Live

Since so many people use Facebook, it’s no surprise that one of the best ways to connect with people via your business interests is to use Facebook live. The good thing is that it only takes one button to get you started. The bad thing is that if you don’t hit that button at the right time and under the right circumstances, you’re probably not going to get the kind of traffic and impressions that you’re looking for. It takes practice and planning to do it right.

Instagram Live

Using Instagram for business is a little different than Facebook as a platform for reaching specific demographics. Instagram is much more geared toward artists and brand associations rather than social connections. Facebook owns Instagram, but the live function operates differently and has different options that go along with it. Practice a few times to make sure that notifications work the way you want, and you know about things like time limitations and various technical elements that need to be handled ahead of time.

Snapchat Live

Snapchat is a different beast entirely. It has an entirely different audience than Facebook or Instagram, but it is equally powerful in its own way. To learn to use Snapchat effectively, you should look at what other brands are doing first. How do they represent themselves? How often do they post? What do their live feeds look like? The industry leaders are very good at what they do, and you should pick up techniques from them before you jump into that arena.

Preparing for Maximum Effectiveness

No matter what live feed you try to use to promote your business, preparation and planning are going to be required to get a practical result. Sometimes you have to learn how to use descriptions and hashtags. Sometimes you have to know the best times of day to hit the record button. Sometimes you have to have people waiting in advance to interact with you once your feed gets started.

Just like with anything, it takes practice to do it right.


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