How Police Officers Keep Businesses Safe

Businesses need to be safe and secure in order to properly serve their customers, and protect employees from harm. Many have registers full of cash, and other expensive items like computers and other valuable equipment. It’s vital that businesses are protected from thieves, burglars, and other criminals. Thankfully, we have law enforcement agencies which provide trained police officers to safeguard these businesses and maintain order.

Police help keep businesses safe

Officers make an effort to introduce themselves personally around the neighborhoods they patrol. You’ll often see them dropping by local shops and restaurants to say hello, grab a coffee, and chat with the folks working there. These friendly interactions help break the ice so business owners feel comfortable reaching out if they ever have worries or need advice. The cops patrolling your block can even give you their personal cell numbers for you to text or call anytime. So you’ve got a trusted contact who knows the daily happenings in the area.

However, misunderstandings between individuals or groups can happen, even when intentions are good. If a business owner winds up facing accusations, it’s normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed in figuring out the next steps. Having an attorney who knows the system provides invaluable guidance. An experienced legal advisor will carefully gather the specifics firsthand, ask thoughtful questions, and then lay out options tailored to the situation. Specifically, it’s essential to work with a reputable criminal defense law firm with expertise in representing clients in these types of cases.

In order for the police to properly do their job, a variety of tools, equipment, and training are required. This includes uniforms, badges, weapons, handcuffs, and much more. They also undergo costly and intensive training to most effectively perform a broad range of responsibilities and duties designed to keep businesses safe. Let’s take a look at some of the equipment police officers require, and the many ways local businesses benefit from police protection.

Clothing and High-Tech Equipment

Uniformed police officers in the United States carry various tools and equipment as they patrol our streets, or are called out on a case. They wear clearly defined uniforms specific to the state or the district they work in. The former term “boys in blue” was coined due to the fact most cops wore this color. These days, a variety of colors are used. Galls uniform shirts come in a variety of styles and colors.

Only the most modern technology is used by police departments throughout America. These tools include stun guns, tasers, and a wide variety of mobile apps. These tools help keep each department on schedule, connected, and focused.


The main purpose of the police is to protect people and property. Police duties can include:

  • Writing traffic citations.
  • Patrolling neighbourhoods.
  • Responding to emergency calls.
  • Writing citations.
  • Serving warrants.
  • Making arrests.
  • Testifying in court regarding a case.
  • Educational outreach to the public.

Business Safeguards

Police believe that burglaries are considered an opportunistic crime. Criminally-minded individuals watch for vulnerable areas in and around a business, which is when most crimes occur. Businesses should work with law enforcement officers to develop safeguards for their businesses to prevent criminal activity.

Helping businesses reduce and prevent crime is both a police and community effort. Local police departments work with business owners to improve security processes and solve crimes when they do happen. To prevent the possibility of burglaries occurring, the police offer simple tips like the following, which your insurance company would agree with:

  • Reinforce all doors and windows around the building, especially those near the ground, even if you must use a rebar, shutters, grill systems, or latch guards.
  • Secure fire escapes, roof skylights, air ducts, loading/shipping docks, and basement openings.
  • Businesses of all sizes benefit from installing convex mirrors in areas where blind spots (read: hiding spots) are present.
  • Install an alarm system and test it regularly. Install a CCTV that operates 24/7.
  • Keep the building illuminated with bright lighting, especially at dusk and throughout the evening.
  • Secure buildings with fences around the perimeter of the property. They should be tall enough that no one can reach over to unlatch a gate.

Building security prevents crime

Businesses can also join together with a neighbourhood watch and keep each other aware of any suspicious activities. They can also get to know your regular customers or clients as they enter and leave your building. Make sure to always report suspicious activity to the police.

Post notices on the front door and in front of the cash that state that little cash is present onsite, and the cashier doesn’t have access. Notices stating cameras are present throughout the office or building are also effective crime deterrents. For corporate businesses, hire trained security guards, or an off-duty police officer to keep watch over the building, and insist they regularly patrol the premises.

Domestic Violence and Community Actions

Unfortunately, it’s been reported in the news recently about domestic violence spilling over into the workplace. In the U.S., domestic violence affects 1 in 4 women. In the workplace, situations too often occur when past employees or a former spouse enter a business intent on inflicting harm or even death to people who work in the company. In this situation, security guards or off-duty police officers can stop or deter the perpetrator from performing their intended crimes. Domestic violence is one of the most dangerous assignments for police officers.

Police officers continually give back to their communities by staying visible, and introducing programs that help businesses and the community to communicate with law enforcement officers. These types of programs are proving successful by lowering business-related crimes.

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