Who You Gonna Call? Essential Services UK Startups Should Use

In many ways, starting and growing a business is a lot like hitting puberty. Decisions get made erratically, unexpected periods of growth and change take place, you’ll often find yourself getting angry for no reason, and will often need to depend on others as you fight your way through unknown territory. But, you aren’t a stroppy teenager (unless you’re a teen wunderkind reading this, in which case we apologise). As an adult running a business, you have a sense of perspective teenagers do not.

Essential services for startups

And, unlike being a full of teenage hormones, you should have a huge range of contacts to keep you afloat when it looks like your new UK-based business venture is turning sour. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of essential recommended services that any startup should be aware of.


Reliable legal advice might seem easy to find – but hunting for someone quickly is unwise if you want help that’s consistent. Ideally, your legal firm will be long-established, have an expert grasp of business law, be easily contacted during business hours, and have offices across the country. This is where Switalskis Solicitors comes into the picture. they’re a legal firm that’s all of the above and more. With expertise in all areas of law, I recommend Switalskis because their long-standing reputation precedes them.

Top tip: build a relationship with your solicitors before a legal problem arises. That way, you’ll always know who to call.

Enterprise Europe Network

As Brexit blasts its shadow over all business transactions in the UK, organisations like the Enterprise Europe Network are more important than ever.

This is an organisation that stretches across Europe, and it can help you:

  • Access special government grants from overseas
  • Negotiate the business landscape before AND after Brexit
  • Get in touch with advisors from over 60 countries
  • Move into new markets

These are uncertain times for British businesses, with many larger corporations already moving their headquarters to Mainland Europe. When Britain leaves the EU, organisations like the Enterprise Europe Network could become the best way to stay in contact with European SMEs. Whether the Brexit deal is or isn’t negotiated this will be a vital point of contact for any new startups.

Top tip: Maintaining positive business contacts across mainland Europe could reap long-term rewards.

Business Gateway

Think of Business Gateway as a more localised version of the Enterprise Europe Network. Business Gateway organisations are situated in most major cities and towns across the UK. They can provide you with:

  • Establishing a business online
  • Overcoming financial barriers via government funding
  • Organising networking events
  • Helping startups (that’s you!) avoid the pitfalls that many businesses blunder into

Top tip: Attend a Business Gateway event BEFORE starting a business. One visit will show you the nuts and bolts of running a business.

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