Beyond The Buzzwords: Thomas Peter Maletta’s Real Talk On Business, Sales, And Marketing

In business, sales, and marketing, there’s no shortage of buzzwords and industry jargon that promise to unlock the secrets of success. Phrases like “synergy” and “growth hacking” are tossed around conference rooms and networking events with abandon, often diluting the complex realities faced by professionals in the field.

With the help of industry veteran Thomas Peter Maletta, let’s strip away the fluff and delve into some real talk about the strategies that truly drive sustainable business growth. This article will debunk myths and lay out a concrete plan for progress.

Thomas Peter Maletta

Debunking Common Myths

First things first: let’s bust some myths.…

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5 Growth Channels Small Businesses Can’t Ignore

Advice is something small business owners are not short of. It is also something they seek to survive in the market, but too many people talk about growth to know who’s right.

Growth strategy

Here’s the real talk: not all growth strategies are created equal. Some are overhyped, and others are underappreciated gems. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of advice, but focusing on what truly matters is essential.

We’ve indexed through the clutter to highlight five growth channels that small businesses can’t afford to overlook. These are practical, proven ways to attract more eyes to your business and help it grow.…

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Stagnation is Scary: The CEO’s Struggle with Stagnant Small Business Sales

In the world of entrepreneurship, the ultimate goal is often to see steady growth and expansion. However, there is a situation that can be even scarier for small business owners than witnessing their sales plummet – stagnation. When sales become stagnant, neither increasing nor decreasing, it can send shivers down the spine of even the most seasoned CEOs.


In this article, we will explore why stagnation is a terrifying prospect for small business owners and the challenges they face when their businesses appear to be running like well-oiled machines but aren’t growing.

The Illusion of Stability

At first glance, stagnant sales might seem like a blessing in disguise.…

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Getting Back on Your Feet After a Crisis

Life is an intricate tapestry of experiences, woven with threads of triumphs and setbacks. Just as the day gives way to night, our lives are punctuated with periods of progress and times of retreat. However, it’s during these darker phases that we often find the seeds of our greatest growth.

Bakery co-owners

This article delves into the nuances of navigating life’s downturns and shares insights on rebounding with resilience, using tools such as hardship loans.

The Paradox of Setbacks: Hidden Opportunities for Growth

Imagine, for a moment, a world-class trapeze artist. They soar through the air with grace, but even they, in their pursuit of perfection, experience falls.…

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4 Things Your Growing Business Needs (PR Company, Marketing, and More)

Getting a new business up and running is quite a feat. If your business is still going strong after years, you’ve beat the odds and clearly worked hard to get there. Still, success and rapid growth can have some significant learning curves.

Growth planning

After initial success, you’ll want to work towards growth. While growth looks different for every business, the companies that are expanding rapidly will need a solid game plan – that’s because growth without a strategy can actually damage your business.

While you may have figured out the basics of running your business, everything can change as you scale. So, as you gain success, what do you need to ensure things run smoothly?…

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Balancing Innovation and Stability: CEO’s Dilemma

CEOs often face the challenge of balancing innovation and stability within their organizations. Striking the right equilibrium between pursuing innovation and maintaining operational stability is crucial for sustained success.

CEO balancing innovation and stability

Read on, as we will delve into how CEOs can navigate this delicate balance and drive growth.

1. Establishing a Culture of Innovation

CEOs play a pivotal role in fostering a culture of innovation within their organizations. They encourage experimentation, reward creative thinking, and create an environment where innovation is celebrated. This involves providing employees with the freedom to explore new ideas without fear of failure.

By encouraging open communication and removing hierarchical barriers, CEOs empower employees at all levels to contribute innovative solutions.…

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Hypergrowth Getter: Unlocking the Steps to Rapid Business Expansion

Hypergrowth is a term used to describe an extremely rapid rate of growth experienced by a company or organization. It is typically characterized by exponential increases in revenue, customer base, and workforce size, often exceeding 50% per year.


In the business world, hypergrowth is often associated with startup companies that have developed a successful product or service and are experiencing a surge in demand. Companies that experience hypergrowth can quickly become industry leaders and disrupt established markets.

However, hypergrowth can also pose significant challenges for a company, including the need to rapidly scale operations, maintain quality and customer satisfaction, and manage cash flow.…

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The Secret Formula to Fast Business Growth

Every serial entrepreneur has a formula for success in business. If you’re on your first venture, you might not have one yet. But since we are all about efficiency here, I’ll share the formula I discovered through my own experiences as well as those of the founders I’ve worked with so that you can start your new venture with the right mindset.

Thinking entrepreneur

Why mindset? You might have been taught that strategy is the only thing that matters when it comes to entrepreneurship. However, my formula for success is 80% psychology and only 20% strategy. Most leaders focus on developing and implementing the right strategies, which is important.…

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How Small Business Owners Can Plan for Rising Interest Rates in 2023

As the owner of a small business, it is a good idea to keep up with news about interest rates — even when the news is not great. While the rise in interest rates is designed to help curb inflation, it can also mean that taking out a loan can cost more, which in turn may negatively impact your small business.

Rising interest rates

To help plan for a successful 2023, despite the rise in interest rates, consider the following suggestions:

Assess Your Loans

If you are currently paying off a balance on a business credit card, the amount you are paying for interest will probably increase.…

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Is Small Business Success Possible During a Period of Inflation?

The global post-pandemic economy is turbulent with the current inflation and looming recession. It’s especially affecting small businesses. According to a recent Goldman Sachs survey, 91% of small business owners report negative impacts on their business, and 73% specifically blame rising energy costs.

Small business owner worrying over inflation

Combatting inflation isn’t easy, especially when small businesses laid off nearly 40% of their workforce at the start of the COVID-19 lockdowns. A McKinsey survey found rising prices are a bigger concern to the average American than gun violence, COVID-19, and climate change, with a whopping 65% of people reporting it as their top worry.

As you navigate stricter buyer expectations and supply-chain shortages, you may be wondering how to deal with inflation as a small business.…

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