Digital Marketing for Beginners: 5 Things You Should Know Before Entering This Line of Business

Digital marketing is something virtually every business needs. That fact alone provides good job security, but this hasn’t gone unnoticed by many others hoping to enter the field. If you want to be able to compete and secure a position as a digital marketer, there’s a great deal to know. These five facts can help get you started.

Digital marketer working

1. The importance of video

Because most of the population is exposed to digital marketing, you have to figure that a great deal of them are doing so at time when they’re not interested in reading copy. Don’t rest on words, and don’t assume that photos will get the job done, either.

Most people are usually up for watching a video, with livestreams gaining in popularity as well. It seems that we’ve finally entered a “show, don’t tell” era at last.

2. Social media skills are a must

Your personal social media profiles aren’t a shining example of your digital marketing expertise. Think beyond how many hours a day you spend on Instagram, and start identifying where the actual results are.

In this case, results would be creating posts that engage and get people to visit external sites. For instance, if you’ve created a business profile on social media and used it to get more visitors to the main site, that is social media success. This advice is critical to anyone who wants to know how to make money online in marketing.

3. Branding is expanding

The days of carefully crafting a logo and considering your branding strategy complete are long gone. Now, branding is as much about risk assessment as it is anything else. You must be able to anticipate where the pitfalls will be with any product or service, and create a brand-relevant solution.

Branding is also intrinsic to customer service. All aspects of the customer experience in general should be devised with branding in mind. It has fast become one of the best ways to maintain a good reputation.

4. Get acquainted with analytics

Data is driving so many marketing decisions at this point in time. Honestly, you don’t stand a chance if you can’t derive a decision from data. Analytics tell us what sells, when our audience is up and scrolling, and how long it takes for them to decide they don’t want to look at our content anymore.

Basic knowledge of analytics is all you need to get going. Start today, and you’ll immediately increase your chances of moving to the top of the pile.

5. You’ll never be an expert

Marketing’s dirtiest secret is that not one marketer is a true expert at everything digital marketing entails.

Marketing includes so many separate skills these days that it would be foolish to pretend you’re an ace at them all. Know your strengths, and make a point of knowing the basics of everything else.

If you want to get into digital marketing, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Think big on branding, learn what social media expertise really is, dive into data, and remember that today’s consumer is very visual. From there, put your greatest strengths on display as you climb your way to marketing success.


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