4 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Sharon Bush

Sharon Bush has proven herself to be resilient, generous, loving, and entrepreneurial despite life’s problems. Emulating her ability to overcome adversity and subsequently flourish, one can find valuable life lessons that will help them succeed.


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Sharon has applied a variety of knowledge gained from her personal life experiences to become a well-known philanthropist and respected entrepreneur. You may think of her as just another every day entrepreneur, but her story offers many great life lessons that you can relate to and make use of on your own journey.

1. Build Resilience

After dealing with some personal struggles, Sharon soldiered on. Religion has helped her during her most challenging times. She became a regular attendee of televangelist Joel Osteen’s church in Houston, Texas. His powerful messages of resilience struck a chord with her, and she became a devout follower.

By being resilient in the face of adversity, Sharon began to create and launch large-scale charities. In 2016, Page Six described her new ocean front home in Palm Beach, Florida, in addition to a home in New York City. Sharon’s successes have come from an admirable work ethic, and it was through her resilience that she was able to make these things happen.

Her journey demonstrates how people can find a way to come back with renewed hope and vision after life has veered them off course.

2. Discover Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

With hard work and determination, Sharon Bush has successfully launched two companies, as detailed by the Emerald City Journal, to address environmental pollution, Project Matrix and Green Start. With each company, Sharon displays her advocacy for the greater good of our environment, nonprofits, and helping others. Through life’s ups and downs, Sharon shows us that one can forge ahead by discovering and learning the value of entrepreneurship in one’s life work.

3. Be Charitable

With her resilience and entrepreneurial spirit, Sharon has focused on giving back. She is best known for creating the Karitas Foundation, which sells toys and clothing to help abused and homeless children by funding homeless shelters.

Along with a list of other charitable organizations, Sharon Bush sits on the board of the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP), a network of schools which operate in under-served communities, and the UN Women for Peace Association (UNWFPA); an organization which seeks to help women around the world by providing educational opportunities and helping to combat violence.

Sharon has also sought to give back by being an advocate for raising children that understand the value of giving back. Dedicating oneself to charity can be a great way to move forward in life, and help others by promoting awareness for issues they are passionate about.


4. Have Love in Your Heart

Sharon is also a very loving woman. Only a woman with love in her heart can dedicate themselves to helping others as she has. Sharon Bush has remained dedicated to her children and works with her daughter Lauren on her charity to raise money to feed children. With love in one’s heart, overcoming life’s adversities can be easier.

Sharon Bush has moved on from a challenging period in her life to become an admirable figure we can all learn from.


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