How to Protect Your Business from Exchange Rate Volatility

Exchange rates can be incredibly volatile which is problematic for businesses because this could have a serious impact on your bottom line. So, what can you do to protect your business from exchange rate changes?

Foreign exchange rates

Although impossible to predict movements in this market, there are a few steps that you can take to protect your company.


Like many areas of business, planning is crucial to success in this area. Analyse past trends and set a budget each year which accounts for the number and timing of transactions with a realistic assumption of current and future rates – speak to foreign exchange specialists for advice on this.

Forward Contracts

Forward contracts are an intelligent idea which could help to protect your company against swings in the currency market. A forward contract is, essentially, a private contract between two parties that locks you in at an agreed price for any time up to a year at the current exchange rate. This protects both buyer and seller from fluctuations and provides peace of mind knowing that your prices are fixed no matter what happens.

Research & Avoid Risks

It can be time-consuming, but carefully researching and analysing the market will help you to make intelligent trading decisions and you could even take advantage of positive movements with this approach. Additionally, avoid taking any gambles as this will only increase risk and could backfire on your business.

Payment Platforms

Using payment platforms like Oanda is another intelligent business move as this can provide the ability to send money in a bid range of currencies with fee-free payments, hedging tools and much more. You can also receive automated, accurate and reliable forex data through Exchange Rates API with this platform too. On top of all this, many specialist brokers allow you to set upper and lower limits at which your business buys currency for complete protection.

Create a Tailored Foreign Exchange Strategy

Foreign exchange strategies are not a one-size-fits-all solution so you need to create a tailored strategy to your particular business. This can be a challenge especially if you do not have much knowledge of foreign exchange, but fortunately there are specialists that you can speak to who can help to device an intelligent foreign exchange strategy for your particular business.

In today’s day and age with Brexit and the recession, it makes the foreign exchange market incredibly volatile. If your company conducts business internationally then this is an area that needs careful consideration because it could have a significant impact on your bottom line. The above are all effective ways to protect your business against changes in the exchange rate which could end up helping you to maximise profit in an unstable period.


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