Short Guide to Advertising Black Friday Sales

Traditionally seen as a day of retail madness in the US, Black Friday has soon found it’s way to British high streets and online retailers, with mega savings available nationwide. With last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend generating over £1.4bn in the UK online only, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and getting involved. They are right to, when you really think about the potential sales that could be generated with a simple offer or promotion.

Black Friday sales preparation

But what is Black Friday and Cyber Monday all about? Traditionally, Black Friday falls the day after Thanksgiving in America, and is the day when thousands of US companies offer huge discounts and offers in order to encourage sales to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season. Although an American tradition, the rest of the world have caught onto it, and it is now a celebrated retail event in countries across the world.

Cyber Monday always falls on the Monday after Black Friday, and is a day that was created by marketers as a day for exceptional deals and promotions online. With the growth in online shopping trends, the two days now tend to see the same offers and promotions both instore and online across the weekend

Just around the corner

With Black Friday 2018 fast approaching on the 23rd November, and Cyber Monday on the 26th, it’s worth considering different offers and promotions you could feature for the weekend, no matter your business or industry.

Highly targeted, online advertising campaigns are a great way of first, building brand awareness before the event, then increasing website traffic during black Friday weekend.

Running campaigns online allow you to measure and track the success of your advertising, and therefore work out the revenue generated. On a weekend when sales could be highly frequent, running some brand awareness advertising in the run up to the weekend is a great way to ensure your company is well known to its target audience, and that the audience think of your company when it comes to making their black Friday purchases.

tips to prepare a business for Black Friday

Don’t forget about Black Friday weekend!

Promoting offers running throughout black Friday weekend could help increase the sales you generate, but the key is to be prepared. The panning needs to start well in advance so you can ensure you are gaining maximum impact from your offer, and that it will generate high ROI for you in the long term.

All too often, we see companies leaving it down to the last few days to launch Black Friday offers and campaigns, but it’s too late!

With all the madness that goes on around this time, you need to have your strategy, campaign and ads out a couple of weeks before, so that when the weekend comes your company has the lead, with the intention of being at the forefront of your target audiences minds when it comes to spending.

This way, you could have customers converting across the entire Black Friday week, rather than just over the weekend and Cyber Monday, which gives you more opportunity to gain more sales- just because the weekend itself is one of the largest generating sales weekends of the year, doesn’t mean it is limited to just the weekend- be adventurous and make it a week-long thing, or even longer if you want to.


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