Green Focus: 4 Tips to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly

Corporate social responsibility is a big deal, and not just for the large multinationals. For SMEs and startups, an eco-friendly focus brings financial benefits, and garners a positive reputation in the marketplace. Consumers are increasingly conscious of a supplier’s green credentials, and will be more likely to choose a company that has policies of protecting natural resources. Going green also creates ensures long term jobs for employees, while preventing unnecessary environmental damage.

Go Green

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Here are some ways to give your business a green focus in a way that will leave your customers with no doubt that you are serious about championing sustainability.

1. Provide online resources

For those who are interested in technology and want to help other people to become ethical consumers and be more conscious about their use of natural resources, businesses can develop their own web content, applications or even games that address the points that are important to their customers.

This might involve answering questions about energy saving, recycling or organic products – and how they relate to your industry or sector. This can be of interest to both adults and children and establishes you as a thought leader in your sector.

2. Practice what you preach

Talking about green matters is one thing, but it is important to be able to demonstrate real-world examples from your own business. Go over the initiatives that you have introduced, such as energy saving, recycling, using local produce or replacing energy-sapping lighting with eco-friendly alternatives from LED hut.

3. Eco-consulting

As a step on from becoming a thought leader, it is possible to explore eco-consulting services, to help consumers or B2B partners to follow your lead. Eco-consultancy starts with a simple assessment or audit, and can highlight a range of ways for people to make more effective use of natural resources, and save money as an added benefit.

The introduction of environmental management systems, modern production management systems, and the management of these processes through internal environmental audits is big business in larger companies and is becoming increasingly important in smaller businesses too. This is a perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Go green tips

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4. Investing i3n green schools

Being green isn’t something that can be achieved in a day, a week, a month or even a year. A green focus is a mindset that we adopt over time, and clearly, this is something that needs to start as early in life as possible. The green schools project is looking to affect positive change by reaching out to the people who matter most – the decision makers and business leaders of the future.

This project educates children of all ages on a wide range of ecological topics, empowering youngsters to make decisions that will shape their future. The project relies heavily on the input of local businesses to get involved with the youngsters in their community on a variety of initiatives. It really is a valuable way for a business to show its green credentials and make a meaningful contribution towards future sustainability.


Focusing on going green in your business and promoting green standards to your partners, clients, and the public is the way of the future. Waiting will only push you further behind the curve, allowing green competitors to push their way past you — potentially forever.


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