How to Find Skilled Workers During a Labor Shortage

The key to getting any job done properly is to have workers that are skilled, experienced and if necessary qualified. Unfortunately while a low unemployment rate is generally good for the economy this can make it very difficult to find an appropriate skilled worker for your needs.

How to attract skilled labor during labor shortage.

Fortunately, it is possible. You simply need to follow these tips to find the right skilled worker.

Use An Agency

The most obvious approach is to use a reputable agency such as Brix Projects. They will have skilled unemployed workers and skilled workers that are currently employed but are keeping their options open.

Skip The College Degree

If you regularly look at job adverts you will probably notice that many of them require a college degree. However, if you put this you’ll be missing out on many potential candidates. Having a college degree doesn’t mean that the applicant has the skills or experience to do the job you need them too. The fewer the restrictions, the higher the number of applicants and the greater the opportunity to find the perfect skilled worker.

Job Fairs

A great way to attract interest in your vacancy is to hold a job fair. This is a particularly good idea if you have more than one vacancy in your firm. However, you shouldn’t have a job fair on just one day. Make sure it covers at least one working day and a weekend day. This will ensure everyone who wants to attend can make it.

Skilled labor job fair

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Try Apprenticeship

You may be looking for a skilled worker but that doesn’t mean that you should rule out the younger workforce. Contact local schools and colleges to see who may have the right skills and be interested in starting an apprenticeship with you. It could save you money as well as giving you the best possible employee.

Employee Referral

It is possible that your employees already know a suitably skilled person to start working with you. It’s a good idea to start an employee referral program. You’ll need to create a specific structure which your staff are aware of this will ensure they only volunteer suitable candidates; making your job easier.

Give The Right Package

When skilled workers are in short supply you need to make sure you are offering the most attractive package possible. This doesn’t just mean a good wage. You’ll need to add in perks such as extra holiday or a good pension scheme. It’s only when you offer a good package that you will attract the interest of those already in employment; ensuring you get the right person for your job.


It is also essential that you have good managers. Poor managers will encourage staff turnover and damage morale in the workplace. If you have a high staff turnover then it’s time to consider retraining your managers or even replacing them. This will help to make sure that any skilled workers you employ will actually stay with you for the long term.


Finding the right workers has nothing to do with boom or bust in any industry. It’s about looking in all the right places, offering a work environment that suits worker needs and wants, competitive skills gained, compensation offered, and having the right management in place to retain them after they’re hired. Follow these tips and you’ll have a much better chance of attracting more skilled workers during a labor shortage.


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