6 Features to Look for When Choosing a POS System

Whether you’re just launching your business or upgrading your point of sale (POS) system, you may feel overwhelmed by all of your options. Some features will help your business grow, while others may just be a waste of time and money.

Features to look for in a POS

Here are 6 beneficial features to look for when choosing a POS system for your business.

1. Multiple and Split Payment Options

Look for a POS system that offers multiple payment options, like cash, credit cards and mobile payments. Today’s consumers also want the option of being able to split their payment across multiple options, like gift cards, credit cards and cash. A POS system that offers split payments will make it easier for your cashiers to make these types of complex transactions.

2. Product Search

A good POS system should make your product catalogue easily accessible. It should be easy for your employees to search or look up products when checking out customers. Ideally, you want a system that has the search feature directly on the sell screen, so cashiers can quickly find the product and ensure the rest of the transaction goes smoothly. Many businesses also prefer POS systems that have quick keys or shortcuts because they allow employees to press a single button for items that are commonly sold.

3. User Accounts and Permissions

If you have multiple employees, you want a POS system that offers multiple user accounts and permission options. Setting up user accounts allows you to track every sale an employee makes and set sales goals. You can choose to have a system that requires employees to log in each time they make a sale, or you can choose a system that allows an employee to sign in once and remain signed in until their shift is over. The former option is better suited for smaller stores, where employees are expected to move out from behind the desk once the sale is complete.

4. Returns, Refunds and Store Credits Feature

Consumers prefer stores that offer shopper-friendly return policies. It’s up to you whether you want to allow returns, refunds or store credits, but your POS system should be able to accommodate all three. Having flexible options allows you to set your own return policy and gives you the opportunity to change your policy in the future if you wish.

5. Customer-Facing Display

Today’s consumers demand transparency, and customer-facing displays help you achieve that. Some states have laws that require them. These displays are secondary screens that allow customers to watch as the cashier rings up their purchase and point out mistakes before they make a payment. Customer-facing displays can be pricey, but if it fits into your budget, your customers will appreciate the transparency.

What to look for in a POS setup

6. Mobile Checkout

Look for a cloud-based POS system with a mobile app. This type of system will allow you to run your POS software on mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. The great thing about mobile registers is that they allow employees to ring customers up from anywhere in the store. They’re also ideal for pop-up shops or local outdoor markets, where customers may want the option to pay with a credit or debit card.


Every business will have different requirement for the point of sale setup that’s best for their business. Make sure to keep up on the features required for compliance purposes, and to make the customer experience as pleasant and seamless as possible.


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