Fact Or Faux? Myths About Coworking

When perusing coworking sites online, it is very easy to assume that the coworking space is one of fun and frivolity. Images of professionals standing around an after-hours cocktail bar or chatting amicably around a conference table can give the impression that coworking is a big scene. This is just one of the major misconceptions about the popular office format, which has already taken traction in places like Wellington and Auckland.

Coworking misconceptions

Other misconceptions related to coworking involve definitions of it as being shared space, which has also been around forever. Then, there is this whole idea that major cities are the only places where coworking professionals can thrive. However, there is more to the office platform that places professionals in a place to work and network.

Let’s take a minute to dispel a few of the myths associated with coworking.

It’s Only For Techs And Start-Ups

While the coworking space was initially a haven for start-ups and technology companies, others have latched onto the office format that has become a relatively inexpensive way to fund office space. Within New Zealand’s urban landscape, both SMEs and larger corporations have taken advantage of the coworking format. Servcorp, for example, provides SMEs with a corporate fit out in some of its finest buildings. Take a look at Servcorp Auckland and Wellington to get a glimpse at the outfit at http://www.servcorp.co.nz/en/coworking/.

Larger corporations also have found the coworking format a great way to get employees to engage with each other. The office style allows businesses to focus on team building and allows teams to work more effectively. While coworking is an inexpensive option that draws smaller businesses, the format is also attractive to businesses looking for alternative ways to work.

Conveys Unprofessionalism

Your office space all of sudden is occupied by professionals from diverse industries, and so it appears that you work in organised chaos. The opposite is true, and while there are funky little hole-in-the-walls that provide creative artists and other independent-thinkers space to work, there are also coworking spaces that can give you that corporate veneer. The image you create with office space depends on the coworking community you join, as these offices are diverse and tend to create their own character.

Furthermore, if looking for a world-class fit-out, there are ways you can maintain a professional image. If renting a hot desk or dedicated desk, you can reserve conference and meeting rooms to meet with clients. Then, those who want to really convey a professional image can do so by renting a private office. The coworking space is flexible enough to present businesses with various options depending on their needs.

Very Unproductive

With networking and social interaction as a part of the coworking platform, it is very easy to get the impression that the space is noisy and difficult to work in, but the opposite is true. For one, there are designated spaces in the office to socialise, and most professionals are considerate enough to converse in those areas. While you might hear a buzz at peak times in the day, many professionals in the space are usually at work.

Located Only In The Urban Jungle

City rents are particularly high, and for this reason, it is natural for coworking spaces to flourish here. However, coworking spaces can be found anywhere there is business. Ultimately, the larger the municipality the more likely you are to be surrounded by the resources that will support coworking. For this reason, the number of coworking spaces that appear in smaller towns is not as high.

Separating Fact From Fiction

Coworking is a creative way to share space while giving professionals a chance to network. While it is tempting to give the format a bad rap, the truth is that much work can be done if the space’s resources are maximised. Ultimately, the coworking space’s fluidity is such that its usefulness depends on the community member.

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