Office vs Coworking: What are The Advantages?

When the pandemic made adjustments to the work system we are used to, many businesses stopped renting offices and switched to coworking spaces. However, are they really that good? Are they suitable for everyone? Let’s try to determine the advantages of both offices and coworking spaces.

Clean office environment


Comfortably located and widespread

Offices are usually located in the center of the city or somewhere where you can easily get yourself using public transport or a car. Every city has offices – you can rent office space in Los Angeles, Dubai, London, or any smaller city. While not every city can boast that it has coworking spaces.…

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Seeing the Benefits of Coworking Spaces After No Choice But To Work from Home

Remote work was already a growing trend long before the COVID-19 pandemic came about and flipped the whole world upside down. When the virus changed everything, the meaning of remote work was included in those changes. It was no longer a choice whether employees could or would work from home. It simply became the only option.


While plenty of people couldn’t be happier to adjust to new, remote lifestyles, for many, working from home was not a choice they ever would have wanted.…

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Feeding Off the Energy: 5 Reasons Why Coworking Works

Coworking spaces are membership-based, shared workspaces where freelancers, remote workers, and others can gather in a communal setting to complete projects online. They’re often touted as a more cost-efficient alternative to traditional offices but, as coworking has grown in popularity, research has shown that these spaces also offer plenty of other benefits.

Coworking space

Read on to find out about five reasons coworking really works.…

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How Popular is Coworking and Will the Trend Last?

A key question to ask would be how long does coworking have to be around for before it ceases to be a trend and becomes an accepted and mainstream way of working?

Coworking space

Considering that the coworking movement hit the ground running in 2005 you could argue strongly that this way of working has already become an accepted way of working and operating a small business over that 15-year period and the flexible workspace market is now estimated to be worth in excess of $25bn.

Companies have invested heavily in providing coworking management software and there are plenty of perceived benefits attached to working in a space that inspires collaboration and an innovative spirit.…

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Fact Or Faux? Myths About Coworking

When perusing coworking sites online, it is very easy to assume that the coworking space is one of fun and frivolity. Images of professionals standing around an after-hours cocktail bar or chatting amicably around a conference table can give the impression that coworking is a big scene. This is just one of the major misconceptions about the popular office format, which has already taken traction in places like Wellington and Auckland.

Coworking misconceptions

Other misconceptions related to coworking involve definitions of it as being shared space, which has also been around forever. Then, there is this whole idea that major cities are the only places where coworking professionals can thrive.…

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How Small Businesses Save With Cowork Solutions

Whether you’re expanding, want a more professional environment or are just sick of working alone, there comes a point for every small business where your home office is no longer the right environment.

However, you may not have the finances or a business requirement to rent a permanent office space.

Coworking space

There is another option. One that is more flexible and cost effective compared to a traditional office space: coworking.

An estimated 3.8 million people will use coworking spaces by 2020 and many small businesses are turning to this way of working.…

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