Feeding Off the Energy: 5 Reasons Why Coworking Works

Coworking spaces are membership-based, shared workspaces where freelancers, remote workers, and others can gather in a communal setting to complete projects online. They’re often touted as a more cost-efficient alternative to traditional offices but, as coworking has grown in popularity, research has shown that these spaces also offer plenty of other benefits.

Coworking space

Read on to find out about five reasons coworking really works.

Sense of Community

Heading to a Coworking space to complete projects can give workers who would otherwise be stuck at home a much-needed sense of community. Since the other members will be from different companies and industries, there’s little need to worry about competition and internal politics. Those who choose to join a membership-based coworking collective can expect to be welcomed into an intentional community of like-minded workers.

More Job Control

Since freelancers typically get to make their own schedules, coworking offices are typically accessible at any time. That means workers can take hours off in the middle of the day if they have appointments or just need a break or can stay up all night to meet personal deadlines. As a result, coworking provides the perfect combination of autonomy and structure.

All-Inclusive Facilities

One of the reasons so many entrepreneurs turn to coworking is that these spaces offer all-inclusive facilities. That means there’s no need to worry about extensive startup costs like purchasing furniture, paying for utilities or lease service charges, buying appliances, and worrying about other amenities.

Some coworking facilities even offer additionally a la carte options on top of the amenities that come with basic memberships. They may include IT support, website design, marketing help, increased internet bandwidth, help with accounting, or even career coaching. These services typically cost extra, but entrepreneurs just getting their first businesses off the ground will find those services are worth the money.

Coworking space

Networking Opportunities

Remote workers, entrepreneurs, and independent contractors alike can all benefit from the networking opportunities provided by coworking spaces. Not only can members get access to professional help and guidance through official membership perks, but they may also meet others who work in related fields willing to collaborate. Since all the members of coworking collectives are working professionals, they’ll all be experts in their respective fields.

Business owners offering unique B2B or B2C services may find potential customers. Student interns could meet potential employers. Sharing a workspace with others from different industries can benefit everyone in unique ways.

Easy Work-Life Balance

Most people who take advantage of coworking spaces would otherwise be working from home. Unfortunately, working from home can make it difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Creating a tangible boundary by joining a coworking cooperative can help modern workers avoid stress, burnout, and other serious issues by creating a clear divide between their home lives and their work lives.

The Bottom Line

Love working remotely, but don’t have space at home to maintain a fully functioning office? Coworking provides an excellent solution. Feel like it’s too hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance without a different space dedicated exclusively to work? Coworking spaces offer all the perks of traditional offices without all the stress.

Regardless of why workers choose to apply for membership, they’ll find everything needed to focus on their jobs, network with other professionals, and find a place in a new community.


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