5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Retirement Strategy

Preparing yourself with a comprehensive retirement plan is more important than ever. We are all living longer and it is vital that you have a strategy to ensure you don’t outlive your money. Here are some simple things that can help you to make the most of your retirement fund.

Busy senior businessman working on a retirement plan

Look at your 401(k) plan

A key part of a successful retirement strategy is creating an effective income stream from your savings. Keep your money in the 401(k) if your plan allows you to make regular withdrawals or pays out in instalments. If your 401(k) only allows you to take out a lump sum, it may be worth transferring the savings to a separate retirement account.

Wipe out debts

If you are not exactly sure how much total debt you have, add up all credit card bills, loans, and mortgages before checking the interest rates attached to each. Following steps such as these can help to eliminate all of your debt and serve a crucial role in your path to a happy retirement.

Analyze your cash flow

Cast a discerning eye over your outgoings; life can be made much easier by reducing or removing monthly payments. For example, a life insurance policy can reach its critical point of utility long before it is realised. Certain situations call for a life settlement, more lucrative than surrendering the policy to your insurance provider, but conferring a lower payout than if it had come to fruition. Using this information you can establish whether this is the solution to your retirement plan.

Check out a retirement calculator

Whilst not exactly perfect, retirement calculators can be a vital tool when preparing for retirement. Nobody knows what the future may hold and a good retirement calculator can offer some valuable insight although it must be remembered, they only offer some visibility but will not plan your retirement for you. You can find a suitable retirement calculator here.

Set lifestyle goals

Working out how you want to live your life in retirement should be the fun part. Planning what is next is an important part of the process, some may choose to pursue hobbies, take a class or finally get round to doing what they’ve always wanted to, now they have the time. Work towards the retirement you always dreamed of by following these top tips.

More than ever, retirees are faced with a plethora of options when it comes to planning for their future. No matter how you visualized your post-career years, following these steps can help set you up for a happy and fulfilled retirement.


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