Automation Workflows – Boosters for Any Kind of Ecommerce Business

Email automation stands out significantly from the rest of marketing communication. It’s personalized, relevant, and it reaches the customers at the right time. Not only are customers opting for a personalized experience, they’re willing to pay more for it.

According to a Deloitte study, customers are willing to pay up to 20% more for a personalized experience.

Automation in eCommerce business

This isn’t a fleeting trend either- Statista says that 67% of email marketers plan to use data to better personalize emails for better engagement, sales, and customer retention.

Personalizing emails for each and every subscriber manually would take ages. Email marketing automation can help you achieve such an experience without having to lift a finger.

Emails that go on autopilot when your customers trigger them do a lot of job for you. For example:

  1. They help you to strengthen your business credibility.
  2. They help you to be relevant and always in time with your communication.
  3. Usually, they are icebreakers for the first purchase of new customers.
  4. They help you to re-engage and keep existing customers, etc.

Now, the following are the automated workflows that should be the first to join your marketing arsenal.

1. A Series of Welcome Emails


Because 74.4% of customers expect a welcome message when they subscribe. It’s polite and you can use it as a marketing opportunity.

A welcome workflow of three emails in a row helps you to introduce new subscribers to your business and works for its credibility. Also, they come in handy when converting your subscribers into the first-time customers.

The conversion rate of this email is 1.6% which means about 8X better than an average promotional email.

2. A Series of Cart Recovery Emails

The cart recovery series consists of three emails in a row sent to a website visitor who has recently added products to the shopping cart but left the store without buying them.

The scenario when people abandon their carts is dramatically often. The 7 out of 10 shopping carts are being abandoned in ecommerce every day.

So just think about it, how cart recovery emails could help you deal with this common issue and get an advantage against your rivals.

Abandoned cart emails usually say: ”Still shopping? – You’ve left something behind…”, or “The items in your cart are still waiting for you. Grab them before they’re gone”, etc.

The data shows that this kind of invitation is enough to get your customers back to finish the purchase. The cart recovery series brings a conversion of 4.64%.

By the way, some ESPs offer ready-made cart recovery workflows working out of the box. So check out yours, maybe your email service provider default emails are great and you don’t have to do anything with them but launch.

3. A Series of Customer Reactivation Emails

Did you know that to retain existing customer costs at least 4X cheaper than to acquire the new one? Plus, they tend to spend more money on purchases than new customers.

So the automated reactivation workflow is important because it helps you to stay in touch with your old customers.

A series of two or three emails are triggered by long customer inactivity. It might be 30 or 60 or even 90 days. Usually, it depends on your buying circle. When you identify that customer is no longer active, you automatically send him/her an email with a message like “Hey, we miss you! Take 15% OFF for your next purchase”.

The data shows that this kind of email brings 4X better results than any bulk newsletter campaign. So it’s good for both – your sales and relationship with your existing customers.


All in all, some of the mentioned strategies can be implemented immediately, some of them takes more time to implement. You should definitely take advantage of this. Email marketing automation is not only for sending the right message out, but for focusing on building your core business. Employ your best marketing instruments to collect the data and use it the best way you can.


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