5 Simple Steps to Sell Tradelines

Selling tradelines is an increasingly profitable (and popular) decision for many people (it could even be considered ‘renting’, as the process involves the same system.) The person with good credit is copied into the person’s bad credit.

Tips for selling tradelines

If you’ve heard all the hype of making lucrative amounts of passive income from selling tradelines, but don’t know how to get aboard, stick around. Here are 5 simple steps for selling tradelines.

1. Credit History

If you don’t have a clean credit history, or have committed any delinquencies, you won’t be approved. This is why people with poor credit use Tradelines. Because you are “carrying” the person with bad credit, it is essential for your account to be in good standing. There are a number of services you can check your credit history online for free.

2. Research

Then find companies that broker Tradelines. These are called credit boosting company. This will require serious diligence. Most of your research should revolve around account verification, because banks don’t like this practice. Selling Tradelines is a delicate process. If you really want to throw your company for a loop, ask them if they’re conducting a LexisNexis background check on their clients. This is an online service that lets you uncover hidden information about people.

3. How It Works

After choosing your tradeline company, find credit cards you will use to sell your Tradelines on. The authorized user (AU) is someone who has poor credit. They pay the credit boosting company a fixed amount – let’s say $1,000 for our purposes. The company will then “pair” their account with yours, because your account is outstanding. The person with bad credit will then “piggyback” on your score until theirs is raised and they are then considered to have good credit.

4. Add The AU

Over a period of time, you’ll receive an email. This email will address the fact that your tradeline was sold. This doesn’t automatically mean you’ll receive payment. You have to then add the AU to the listed card – with the provided instructions. Add the AU. After some time, you will receive a new card with the listed AU.

5. Removal

In a few months, you’ll be instructed to remove the AU – and be sent instructions for doing so. All you have to do is follow the instructions. However, during that time, you’ll need to purchase a few items here and there and charge it to your card. Whatever you can do to keep it active, and then pay it off at the month’s end – to keep suspicious dogs off your back. After some time has passed, call your CC company and remove the AU from your account.


You will receive a 1099 report from the credit boosting company you chose. Fill this report out and give it to the IRS to claim this money as income. Since a few credit boosting companies may turn out to be scammers, look for companies that have operated for the past four years or more.

Be warned: your account may be closed if it is discovered that you’ve been adding Tradelines. That’s why it’s advisable to add only 1 or two authorized users for each one of your credit accounts.

Remember: the amount of money you receive, via the company, depends on two factors: the credit limit of that card and the age of it. The older your card is, and the higher the limit, the more money you will receive for taking on the risk.


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