Save Money On Your Rent: Some Tips Inside

What’s the worst thing about trying to find an apartment to rent? Most people would say finding an apartment to rent that you like and that’s affordable.

Save money on rent

Finding an apartment to rent can be a part-time job in itself, especially when it comes to navigating each and every apartment’s legal compliance – i.e. rent control, etc. So it’s understandable why many people would go online to try to find one. Because of that, apartment rental websites and apps have become increasingly more popular over the past few years. After all, these apps and websites can cut out a lot of the hassle of looking for an apartment.

Local search

They’ve even become ubiquitous with searching locally for apartments, such as Chelsea apartments for rent, or any other neighborhood that you’d prefer to live in. While these can help you cut down on the amount of time you spend looking for an apartment they don’t cut down on the price it will cost to rent it.

Negotiating can often be a significant part of the renting cycle; you wouldn’t want to spend too much while the landlord wouldn’t want to drop the price lower than they have to. Because of that, the entire process can still take quite a while and cost you an arm and a leg in rent.

Any solutions?

That doesn’t mean that you’ll always have to do this, however; Loftey is aiming to completely change the market by helping renters find apartments at more affordable prices. In contrast to many of its competitors,

Loftey doesn’t take a fee from renters, and the fees it takes from landlords aren’t tied to the rental price of the property. Because of that, the company sets out to negotiate the lowest price possible for an apartment before it’s put on the website.

With no hidden charges, it means that Loftey can advertise, say, NYC apartments for rent at a significantly lower price than many other websites and apps. These savings aren’t just limited to the listings on the company website, either; Loftey will extend them to any properties that are listed on other websites too.

If the property isn’t listed on Loftey then you can simply send the company the link to the listing and they’ll get in touch with the landlord and try to receive a reduction on the rental price. While the company can’t promise an exact figure, many of the discounts it boasts average between $25 and $200 per month; while not a huge figure, it adds up over the term of a lease. It could also mean the difference in whether or not a certain apartment is affordable for you.

The company boasts innovative technology that has streamlined the referral and apartment rental process so that it can operate on a much leaner margin.

With that in mind, the company wanted to provide tangible financial results to the renters who use the website. This has resulted in the company charging landlords smaller fees in exchange for lower apartment rental prices.

This includes those in many major rental areas, such as Chelsea apartments and more. Because of that, they often have more bargaining power with landlords to ensure that you spend less money on your rent.


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