Is Buying a Rental Property in Florida a Good Deal?

Picture this: there are pockets in Florida where investment returns are skyrocketing, home prices are on the rise, and monthly rents are climbing steadily. After enduring a couple of challenging years, the real estate market is now displaying promising signs of recovery.

Florida real estate

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So, what’s fueling this upward trend? Two key factors have propelled rental yields in many areas of Florida. Firstly, property prices are surging, and secondly, renting apartments has become a lucrative endeavor, boasting annual returns of 4-7%. These price adjustments have triggered a surge in demand for rental properties, particularly in areas renowned for their high yields, attracting tenants with substantial purchasing power.…

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Property Market: Is Buy-to-Let a Good Investment?

The property market has always been a relatively strong one in which to build a business; property values trend upwards over time in spite of short-term market aberrations, creating powerful opportunities to generate real returns on investment. There are numerous ways to engage with the market, from investing in property construction and development to managing properties from a rental perspective.

To Let property

Indeed, the latter model has become one of the more popular ways for people to engage with property, as individuals seek semi-passive ways to bolster income and entrepreneurs seek business opportunities from a growing rental market. This new wave of landlordism was recognised by the UK government in the mid-1990s, and bolstered with the introduction of the buy-to-let mortgage – which itself spurred a new ‘industry’.…

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Questions to Ask Before Buying a Wall Bed for Your Rental Property

Buying an affordable, high-quality wall bed for your rental property can be challenging, especially if you’re first-time buyer. Lack of information on wall beds can be troublesome if you’re interested in buying one. So, if you’re planning to go to a furniture shop to buy Lori wall beds, don’t forget to ask some of the most important questions enumerated in this article. When you get the answers you need, and if you are satisfied by them, you can proceed with the purchase.

Wall bed

photo credit: Les Stockton / Flickr

Wall Beds

Lori wall beds, or also known as Murphy beds, are a great addition to homes or rooms with limited space.…

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How to Ensure Tenants Pay Rent on Time

As a landlord, reliable tenants that look after your property and consistently pay rent on time are the dream. But unfortunately, they are not always the reality, and many investors find themselves left short by their tenants. This can have significant knock-on effects, particularly if you are reliant on incoming rent to make your mortgage payments.

Signing agreement with rental property tenant

The good news is, there are some easy things you can do to increase the likelihood of prompt rent payments. Here are just a few of the tactics successful property investors use to avoid rental arrears.

Select your tenants carefully

You can set yourself up for a stress-free tenancy from the start by choosing the right applicant.…

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How Much Money Should I Save Before Looking to Rent?

Looking to get your own place for the first time? While you’re probably excited to reach this major goal that you’ve been thinking about for much of your life, to enjoy quiet, freedom, and no one telling you what to do, if you aren’t prepared you could find yourself having to move back in with your parents before you’ve even unpacked all the boxes.

Rental costs

Just because you have enough cash in your bank account to pay the rent on one of those enticing Dallas apartments or an apartment anywhere else doesn’t mean you have enough to move out. Of course, you probably know that already which is why you’re asking how much money you should save first.…

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Important Details To Remember When Having Your Property Rented Out

Sometimes renting out your home is the best option if you’re stuck with a house during a slump in the housing market or if you just need to bring in some extra cash. Regardless of the reason for renting, the challenges will be the same across the board.

Rented out property

Fear not though, as this article will clue you in on what you need to keep in mind when renting your home.

Familiarize Yourself with Tax Requirements

Taxes are something you should consider the entirety of the year rather than just before. There are many tax write-offs you could earn as a landlord, no matter how reluctant you may have been about accepting that position.…

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5 Benefits of Using Tenant Screening Services

A landlord dreams of finding the perfect tenant for his property. Unfortunately, finding a good tenant is never easy. The applicant may seem honest, respectful, well-groomed, and responsible. But you never know if they are hiding skeletons in the closet until something happens to the rental or lease.

Tenant screening

Tenancy problems are real, and they happen to even the best landlords and property managers. Getting tenant screening services avoids such a scenario.

Think about screening a tenant FBI-style. It will do a thorough risk assessment by checking on your prospective renter’s background on your behalf. The service will also investigate the applicant’s financial status and lifestyle.…

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Save Money On Your Rent: Some Tips Inside

What’s the worst thing about trying to find an apartment to rent? Most people would say finding an apartment to rent that you like and that’s affordable.

Save money on rent

Finding an apartment to rent can be a part-time job in itself, especially when it comes to navigating each and every apartment’s legal compliance – i.e. rent control, etc. So it’s understandable why many people would go online to try to find one. Because of that, apartment rental websites and apps have become increasingly more popular over the past few years. After all, these apps and websites can cut out a lot of the hassle of looking for an apartment.…

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A Simple Guide To Managing Short Term Property Rentals

Managing short term property rentals is becoming easier and more profitable with every passing year. With technology and automation, this shared-economy business model is both welcoming and lucrative. However, it’s a good bet if you’re reading this, you’re not looking for a side gig or a hobby.

Rent unused property for profit

You can make a fortune running a short term property rental business by prepping as much as possible before opening the doors to your first guest. The following are a collection of expert tips and strategy that are guaranteed to help you build and scale your short-term rental empire.

Short-Term Property Management: A Brief Guide

Are you ready to run a business?…

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