5 Benefits of Using Tenant Screening Services

A landlord dreams of finding the perfect tenant for his property. Unfortunately, finding a good tenant is never easy. The applicant may seem honest, respectful, well-groomed, and responsible. But you never know if they are hiding skeletons in the closet until something happens to the rental or lease.

Tenant screening

Tenancy problems are real, and they happen to even the best landlords and property managers. Getting tenant screening services avoids such a scenario.

Think about screening a tenant FBI-style. It will do a thorough risk assessment by checking on your prospective renter’s background on your behalf. The service will also investigate the applicant’s financial status and lifestyle. Landlords or property managers cannot do an investigation and assessment by themselves. So they require the use of tenant screening providers to assist them before entering into a rental or lease agreement.

How beneficial is this service for a property owner or manager?


Investigating a possible tenant’s background takes time. It is probably time a landlord does not have since he also needs to check other properties under his care. Getting a tenant screening service will eliminate the need for background checks because they can do it for you.


Tenant screening is a science in itself. The company can do it faster because they already know what to do. They are already experienced in these reports, especially if they have been in business for a long time. Once you get the results, you can immediately decide on your applicant’s rental fate if it is a go or a no.

Accurate applicant verification

A landlord should be doubtful when a possible tenant’s behavior is too good to be true. Smooth talkers are usually red flags. You can get taken in by an applicant’s respectful demeanor, only to be mistaken once they become your tenants. Try to avoid basing decisions on appearance and responses. Screening services are objective and provide a better verification process based on facts.

Accurate results

Just because his application said so does not mean it is entirely accurate. A systematic, in-depth screening will help you know more about your applicant. Is he financially stable? His credit report will show you the truth about his finances and if he can pay the rent. Does he have a problem with a previous landlord?

A problematic applicant may discourage you from talking to him. Still, the screening service will show if he was an evictee. The investigation results will also indicate if he has a record in damaging property. Is he a law violator? Criminals move from one place to the next. They will also tend to be repeat offenders of their crimes.

Fortunately, all misdemeanors go on record, no matter how long ago he committed the deed. The screener’s report will show if a prospective tenant has committed a past offense or if convicted for a violent crime.

No future evictions

If your tenant has a bad reputation, it will show in the way he treats the property. When he becomes unreasonable, a landlord has no choice but to evict him. You could avoid this situation if a proper screening service were used before a signed rental or lease agreement.

Signing up a tenant involves so much more than a filled-up application form. The wrong tenant, when evicted, can cost you thousands of dollars. Avoid expulsions by using tenant screening services for your peace of mind and property security.


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