Need Cash Now? 5 Ways to Get Cash Fast

Feeling broke? Need quick money to pay the next installment of your car or your savings are insufficient to plan the trip you have longed for?

In any situation when you need cash now, you can get benefit from the coming 5 working ways to get it legally.

Ways to get cash fast and legal

1. Bank on Banks

Yes, that’s what banks are for. Apply for a loan and you’ll have the money within a week.

Bank can also help you by providing credit cards. No one can save you when you need cash now like a credit card. It acts like a friend who is available when you need any help.

But why go to banks when you have a friend and family who will help you?

You can always rely on your family for quick money unless you are asking from that nagging relative who will keep reminding you of his help forever. No, don’t go to him.

But don’t stop yourself from calling your parents or your siblings. It is ok to ask for help. It is not at all embarrassing.

(Bonus: You won’t have to pay interest to your family; a tight hug will do the trick.)

2. Sell the Hardly Used Items

Why keep that guitar in the house if you use it once a year? Look at the things you rarely use as dollars, sell them and you will have your needs fulfilled.

Apply this to your old laptop, that extra pair of sunglasses or the shoes you don’t feel like wearing now.

You will be amazed realizing how much money you can get from the things you rarely use. Do the home detox now.

A garage sale is also a great idea to get money quickly. Find people who have a similar bike passion as yours and you are all set. It is so easy now, upload a picture and you will find a buyer.

If you are willing to part from your valuables, selling antique items will fetch you a lot of money.

Your grandfather’s old watch or your grandmother’s old coin collections are some of the examples that you can look for. And to ensure that you get the money on time you can post a free ad on Craigslist.

Selling your old phone is also super easy. Use ecoATM to sell your old smartphone.

Just type in your ZIP code and if ecoAtm have their ATM in your area, you can just simply place your old cell phone in the test station. After this, the machine will itself examine your phone and check for its condition and other features.

The screen will then show you the price based on its current value and if you find the right price you can sell it right there and get money.

While we are talking about home, how about a little adjusting and giving a room or a floor on rent to someone? It is not as daunting as it seems. You can ask your friends and relatives get someone reliable in your home.

If you get lucky you can find someone to Netflix with. And if it happens, share your password with us too.

Busy freelancer on the phone

3. Sweat for more Money

Simply you can do a part-time job or an extra shift to get the needed dollars. And you can do it on your phone. With websites like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer you can earn that extra money with work from home projects.

UI/UX design, copywriting, graphic designing, Search Engine Optimisation, illustration, web design, coding are some of the in-demand jobs. If you have any of these skills you can get the most from freelancing websites.

And to save you from further budget crunch you can get some side money by doing freelance gigs along with your regular job.

For driving lovers, starting as an Uber/Lyft driver is also a great earning option. You will get flexible working hours and enough dollars to help you.

4. Babysitting

It is still and will always be a cool option to help you with quick money.

The advantage of babysitting is that you will get to do your own work most of the time. You can club freelancing and babysitting and get your returns doubled.

Another option is for pet lovers as people now hire pet sitters also. Those who are not afraid of or allergic to pets can use this chance and get the cash flow into their wallets.

save your hard earned money

5. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

A penny saved is a penny earned. Refrain from spending big. Even small risks can prove fatal to your financial health.

We all know how much we end up shopping when we say, “We don’t want anything, we are just scrolling down the site,” and how long the restaurant bill becomes when we are “just going out” with friends.

So, no more fake promises!

Stop going to restaurants and have homemade food. Stop visiting Starbucks and have coffee from home kettle. A little frugality is always good.

Reduce your needs and spent and you will be in a better place. It’s simple. Club it with reuse and you’ll have money needs in check.

While reduce and reuse save money, recycling will get you money. You can sell old aluminum cans for 30 cents. Collect trash and for 50 gallons of cans, you can get up to $21.

So, you can turn trash into cash.

Don’t worry if you do not have a bottle deposit state near you, you can still use recycling.

Selling scrap metal is a good option for you. In case you have copper pipes somewhere in your garage and bags of old soda cans you can get somewhat around $10 easily.

These were the quick ways to fulfill your money needs legally- without robbing a bank or getting you in debt. It’s frustrating to be in a no-money situation but don’t worry you’ll find a way out. A little self-confidence and effort and you’ll get what you need.


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