Why Businesses Should Consider Installing CCTV

Regardless of where your building is located in Melbourne, you never know where a criminal might strike next. Burglars often target commercial properties because they know there are plenty of expensive items of equipment to be found inside. How much would it cost your company if you need to replace all your computers, laptops, printers, fax machines and desks? Even if your insurance provider would reimburse you for the value of such items, burglaries can lead to business downtime and ultimately lost profits.

CCTV camera installation

There’s a solution to those issues, though: Look for a security tech shop providing a CCTV installation in Melbourne, and arm your business premise with CCTV cameras.  Indeed, you can minimise the risk of criminals targeting your property by doing just that.  This is highly advantageous for the following reasons:

1. Deter thieves from attempting to break into your building in the first place

Criminals look for easy opportunities, which is why they often target buildings that appear to have few security enhancements. If thieves can see that cameras are watching over every corner of your property, they’re less likely to try and break in.

2. Collect evidence in the event anybody does break into your property

Should somebody decide to break into your property, your CCTV cameras will record their every move. By installing CCTV, you boost the chances of catching those responsible for causing damage to your business.

3. Make settling disputes straightforward

What happens if a customer makes a false claim about one of your employees or denies foul play? If you don’t have CCTV, it might just be one person’s word against another’s. If you have a CCTV installation, you’ll be able to look at what really happened and uncover the truth, allowing you to settle disputes easily.

4. Monitor customer and employee activity

We all wish we could always trust our employees to work their hardest. However, in reality, many people slack off when they shouldn’t and even steal stock, tamper with records and enter unauthorised areas. You can prevent all those things from happening by installing CCTV.

5. Keep records

As a senior manager or business owner, you need to keep track of just about everything that happens at your company, such as when deliveries arrive and when employees clock in and out. At least if you have cameras and anything happens to your data or paper records, you’ll still have video evidence of everything that has taken place.

6. Potentially save money on insurance

If you minimise the chances of thieves targeting your property, you might be able to make a significant saving on your insurance. It makes sense that insurers charge more for insurance policies if they suspect your property has a high chance of being targeted by criminals.

When searching for an installer of CCTV systems, make sure they use advanced products that record video in high definition and can’t be tampered with. You may also want to choose a dedicated security firm that monitors your cameras around the clock so that they can notify the relevant authorities of foul play regardless of the time.


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