11 Gift Ideas for Your Business Partners

Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday or holiday gift for your business partner, or simply want to welcome them aboard with something special, it’s important to find the gift that says the right thing.

Business gift ideas

In this guide, our friends at French Knot, Aussie’s premier online homewares store, offer 11 great ideas that will make your business partner feel the love. Each of these items have been chosen for business professionals and will be sure to be a hit!

1. Mini Zen Garden

Mini zen gardens are inexpensive yet entrancing novelties. A mini zen garden offers the perfect mental escape from the rigor of the work day, so if you want to help your business partner take a quick breather after a meeting, conference call, or just for relaxation, then a mini zen garden is truly just the thing! Mini zen gardens are compact, fitting right on top of a desk, and offer the perfect balance of beautiful decor and active relaxation.

2. Custom Business Card Holder

Whether your business partner has been on your team for years or is just starting out, a custom business holder is always a wonderful gift. Custom business holders come in a variety of materials with decorative elements ranging from modern to antique looking. You can have your business partner’s name engraved in the holder, or you can have an inspirational quote or verse engraved. Either way you go, a custom business card holder is a gift that can be cherished and used every day.

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy has long been used in varying forms of medicine, and more and more people are bringing the power of aromatherapy to their homes and offices with essential oil diffusers. With an essential oil diffuser, your business partner can add a few drops of his or her favorite essential oil (lavender, orange, mint, or numerous others) and create a steam that fills the room with pleasant aromas and also helps relax the mind and body.

4. Books

Business books

Odds are, your business partner is interested in professional development, which means that gifting him or her a personal development book in his or her niche could be perfect. On the other hand, if your business partner specializes in a certain area, gifting a brand new reference book could be just the ticket. If all else fails, a beautiful coffee table book in your business partner’s area of interest, whether that’s cars or cooking, could be a great gift.

5. Standing Desk

Statistics show that sitting can wreak havoc on the back, and the invention of standing desks curbs these odds. If your business partner has back problems or just enjoys being active, a standing desk would make a beautiful, useful gift.

6. Luxury Desk Chair

On the other hand, no office is complete without a beautiful luxury desk chair. Office chairs come in an array of sizes and styles, with amazing features ranging from lumbar support to the ability to recline. This is where you’ll have to get creative, taking into account your business partner’s preferences on color and comfort. Or, you could always take your business partner shopping for a luxury desk chair and treat him or her upon checkout.

7. Power Bank

Today’s on the go professional undoubtedly carries at least a smartphone, if not a laptop and tablet. Keeping up with business on the go means continuous connectivity, but unfortunately, batteries die. A power bank means backup power, which can keep your business partner connected out of the office.

8. Meal Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage, but treating your business partner to a meal-based subscription box can be a huge helper in the busy workplace. Meal boxes come in a variety of options, so you’ll have to either consider your business partner’s preferences or have him or her choose one they like. Either way, meal boxes offer fun variety for quick lunches or late-night dinners.

9. Wall Art

Office wall art

Office life can be daunting at times, but the way we decorate our offices can truly be inspiring. Does your business partner always talk about a favorite destination or getaway? Has he or she told you about his favorite trip? Maybe you’ve got a picture of your business partner’s pets or kids. Thanks to technology, you can have any image turned into wall art that looks like it’s been painted. Or, you could go to a local gallery and choose a beautiful piece.

10. Uber Gift Card

Do you work and live in the city? Does your business partner enjoy dining or going out? Perhaps he or she has meetings across town. Either way, gifting an Uber gift card can be the perfect sentiment. With an Uber gift card, your business partner will be able to seamlessly get from point A to point B without hailing a taxi.

11. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are great for listening to music, e-books, and much more. If your business partner doesn’t already have one, a Bluetooth speaker can be a great gift. Bluetooth speakers come in many shapes and sizes, so you can find one that suits your business partner’s personal tastes, as well!


French macarons gift box

Choosing the perfect gift is always a little bit challenging, but it really doesn’t have to be. If you know a few things about your business partner, you can likely find the right gift, and even if you don’t know much about him or her, the items on this gift give you some pretty good ideas of where to turn next. The great thing is, many of these items can be purchased online.

If you want to make a day of it, you could always treat your business partner to shopping for his or her own office items and then lunch, all on you. This shows your business partner that you want to build a relationship and value your partnership!


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