Beginner’s Guide to Cloud-Based Performance Testing

Once the functional testing phase of cloud computing is completed, it’s time for performance testing. Here are some reasons why.

Cloud performance testing

Focusing on Performance Testing

Performance analysts work hundreds of hours to support testing environments. Qualified performance testers have a high salary and can earn as much as an experienced developer. This is because performance analysts have to be proficient in 2+ programming languages and masters of multiple technologies. Using a valuable resource for supporting and installing software is a bit problematic no?

High Scalability

What will you do if you have to increase the number of testers from 1,000 to 20,000? And then reducing it to 1,000 users again? How many servers will you have and will they be idle during these situations?

Isn’t it a better idea to use these resources for performance testing and select the number of services that you want on an on-demand basis? “Yes” is the only acceptable answer.


By using SaaS for cloud-based performance testing, you won’t be tied to one software because you can switch to another vendor at any time. Plus, there are no cancellation fees! As a result, service providers offer better customer service to make sure their users are happy. Also, you can automatically cancel services with a vendor. You don’t have to go through a long process through the vendor’s technical support system.

Using cloud for performance testing allow you to run tests as long as you have an internet browser and reliable connection. This will give you greater flexibility in work schedules and reduce the stress that there’s a chance that the internal testing procedure might breakdown. This helps ensure that the testing schedules remain intact.

As a result, you increase the chances of your releases coming out on time for YOUR clients.

Cloud SaaS

No Geographical Barriers

You can hire cloud-based performance testing specialists in any country with varying rates, and you eliminate the concerns of hardware failures, power outages or any other facility disasters in the office.

Realistic Load

Imagine that you’re testing your car. You can open and close doors, turn the radio off and on, and beep the horn to annoy the garage staff. You can test all of these actions while your car is in the garage lift. That’s what cloud-based performance testing looks like. No disconnection, no third-side traffic, and no DNS errors. Basically, ideal conditions, which you won’t ever get after deploying the application into a live server.

How can you trust those results? You can’t. There are values in throughput, response time, all sorts of errors that occur in a live production server. Cloud testing allows you to test all of the important applications under real-life conditions. Cloud testing makes use of cloud-computing resources to stimulate real users that came from the internet.


Overall, you will find that cloud-based performance testing is crucial to your organization. Not only does it help you spot mistakes, but also improves the efficiency of your team. Make sure to use it to ensure that your applications are successful.


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