What Time of The Year is The Easiest to Save Money?

No matter who you are, saving money can be a difficult game.

Maybe you’ve promised yourself many times that you’re going to try and put some cash to one side, but life has a habit of throwing hurdles in our way. An unexpected cost here or there is all that’s needed to scupper your saving attempts.

Save money tips

However, with a bit of planning around when to buy and save, you might stand a better chance of having a little extra come the end of the year.

Dry January

January is, by all accounts, pretty miserable, but, despite being home to the most depressing day of the year, it offers opportunities to spend and save wisely.

Thanks to the post-Christmas hangover, retailers across the board peddle big discounts to try and keep money coming into the tills, so if you have any money to spare after the holidays, January is the time to buy.

Whether it’s a two-for-one meal at a restaurant or negotiating a car down to a great price during a very slow time for dealerships, there are major deals to be had at every level.

Conversely, this is also a great time to put money aside. No one else is doing much, so why should you? Consider the colder months of the new year a great period to save whilst not missing out on too much.

What’s your schedule?

A good time to save can be different for each of us. You need to consider your own situation and the events on your calendar.

Do you have a young family? If the answer is yes, you know the summer holidays and back to school are going to be expensive periods, but once school’s back, you can try to build funds until Christmas.

No children? Take advantage of out-of-season holiday pricing and book a budget trip that would cost hundreds more during the summer months.

Likewise, when are the big birthdays and celebrations for you and your family? They’re going to cost money, so budget accordingly.

Focus on your schedule and take advantage of low-activity periods to budget and build funds.

Everything’s out of season at some point

The good news is pretty much every product has a point when it’s out-of-season. It’s just about doing your research and planning accordingly to buy at the right time.

For example, if you can bring yourself to sort the Christmas decorations out for next year just after Christmas has finished, you will save a lot of money. Furthermore, if you can hold off on a big purchase for a couple of months if you know a sale is coming, there’s hundreds of pounds’ worth of savings to be enjoyed.

Of course, it’s impossible to know what’s on the horizon and when you might have to spend some money, so it’s important you consider all options when managing your financial situation.

A little planning goes a long way, so approaching the year with a little more financial strategy might just help your savings account.


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