How To Best Offer Training & Development To Staff

Your business is only as good as the people you have working in it. Therefore it is key to not only hire the correct staff for each position, but to ensure that training and development is an ongoing process and not neglected. Each and every business and industry is constantly moving, changing and progressing and you need to move with it.

Staff training and development

Have A Training Plan For Every Member Of Staff

It’s important to have a training plan for every member of staff and, of course, to monitor their progress on this. You will then have a good record of who is progressing well and who needs a bit of support or extra management. These records will be invaluable when choosing who is good for promotion and who is not as well.

Give Staff Options Of Choosing Training Programmes

As well as the basic staff training you should offer a series of optional and extra training opportunities to all staff. This allows staff to progress in areas they have a particular interest in, making it easier to mark out a plan of who is best suited to which divisions within the organisation.

Think About Sending Key Staff On A Post-Graduate Course

For extremely promising members of staff you could consider heavily investing in them by way of sponsoring them to apply for a postgraduate qualification of some kind such as an MBA. This will be a very significant investment, so you ensure that any member of staff you take this investment in is willing to stick around upon completion. It is essential though to allow them the time and support leading up to the application as an MBA is a huge undertaking and even the application process has a heavy toll. Also consider making a commitment to the company (or an obligation to repay the training costs) contractual before sending employees on expensive training.

Ensure Essential Qualifications & Insurances Are In Place

You should ensure that any essential qualifications and insurance policies are in place for all your workers. In many professions employees are required by law to meet a minimum level of professional development each year. For example pilots logging a certain amount of flight time to keep their licence, or in trades you will need to ensure public liability insurance is current and up to date.

Make Sure Practical Concerns Such As First Aid Certificates Are Met

You will be required to be certain that you have a good number of staff trained in first aid and with a large organisation this could be quite a number of employees. Hopefully this will not be something you should be calling on very regularly, or at all if possible. However, if something were to happen a quick response can be the difference between a minor incident and something a lot more harmful. In the event of someone needing CPR it could feasibly be the difference between life and death.


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