How to Choose a Reliable Digital Agency SEO Expert

Search engine optimization is the bread and butter of anyone who hopes to even attempt any digital marketing these days. Customers find everything they want online, they even manage their transaction online most of the time, and if you are not able to rank high in their search results, you are basically done for.

Choosing a reliable SEO agency

But what if you are not that much of an SEO wizard? Well, then just hire one, of course! Today we bring you a short and sweet guide on how to choose the best SEO expert for your business!

Thoroughly review their past track record

This is more or less the same review hunt that you would do for any other online purchase. In a sense, you are actually “purchasing” the expertise and time of somebody to do your SEO work for you, so make sure to see the previous feedback on the “thing” you are intending to spend your money on.

Now, SEO agencies do not really get typical review posts, since they are entities and not items, but they do have track records of their past work. Ask them to show you a list of their previous clients as reference, and take a good look at what long term results they managed to achieve for those. You can also adapt this useful post for other must-ask questions to address to your potential optimization experts in 2019.

One notable thing to ask about is how long they worked with their longest client, as patrons will tend to stick longer with a more successful agency. Any partnership that is not at least 12 to 24 months long is a red flag. Finally, make sure those past clients are legit businesses. Reach out them and inquire about their experience with the agency you are considering.

Inquire about their processes

In other words, see if the way they work is a good match to the kind of work you want to do. Let them know your goals, as frankly and as in-depth as you possibly can.

You can also check out their official website and see how they present their driving motivation there. For a good example of that, check out

Do not be shy to ask how exactly they intend to go about achieving the results you are looking for. Be specific, and be relentless in your questioning. Do your best to understand, not just the technical process itself, but also the reasons and logic behind it, why they choose that particular approach to help your business grow, and how they intend to adapt it o day to day changes in the business context. A good example of a reliable digital agency is Heroic Rankings so feel free to contact them if you have any further questions.

Establish communication patterns in advance

One of the most important things to figure out early on between possible future collaborators is the dominant communication pattern. How often will you be touch on a regular basis – every week, two weeks, every three days? Find out how exactly this agency communicates: via email, Skype, phone, or something fourth. Do your best to align and update all of your software, if necessary, but keep in mind that this communication channel needs to be convenient for you and your schedule above all else.

Also, make sure to thoroughly establish their availability rates. You have to be sure that you can contact them at a moment’s notice at any point, should something important come up, or if there happens to be a problem that needs urgent fixing.

And finally, take a little extra time and care to find someone whose communication style matches yours. If what they are saying is hard to understand, if your conversation is awkward, clunky, or just plain unpleasant, pack up and go somewhere else to choose a compatible SEO expert.

Ensure that you will get detailed reports

A full SEO report should be delivered every month, around the same time with no delays, or at least no significant ones. Of course, you can request a non-standard frequency that suits your needs better.

A proper detailed report will contain a rundown of all activities and updates on the ranking of your primary keywords. It should also have a highlight space for search traffic increases.


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