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If you ask us what is the most valuable thing today, we would say it is analytics, statistics, data. YES, they are ruling the world by helping make better decisions depending on the data available. This is changing the way we look at the world, it shows us the world as a globe of opportunities that are just lying around to be picked up.

Lead generation tool attracting leads

One such thing is the lead generation software. For all who don’t know, this helps you identify the leads basically paid users from the pool of users. We love these kinds of tools as they help blogs to scale up the ladder.

These tools can be used to understand and follow up with users who can be converted into paid users for the site. One such tool that we are loving these days is the Webspotter. Webspotter is one of the leading lead generation tools which helps you manage your blog in a much better way. Talking about lead generation tools, what they do.

Lead management

Webspotter-generated data for decision making

source: Webspotter.io

Managing leads are one of the toughest things to do when it comes to blogs or online business. Staying constantly in touch with them, letting clients know about the recent updates, upgrades if they want to upgrade or any.

Something more difficult than lead management is to acquire new leads. This takes a lot of effort, be it an online business or just even a course that you want to sell. This requires you to capture visitors first and then filter the ones that are thinking to buy your product by looking at the stats such as the number of times they visited or checked your pricing page.

Then contact them and know about their interest, staying in touch through emails, following up through demos and how the product can add value to their service or business. This takes patience, time. And then finally moving to the fruitful stage when you will be paid for the product you are offering.

Must have lead generation tool features

Magento leads generated by Webspotter.io

Source: Webspotter.io

Email management

All of this requires a lot of efforts and a little help in this area will be just amazing. It will be best if the lead generation tools can do email management. Email management is to stay in touch with your clients or even the upcoming leads through emails. Efficient email management helps you to save time for demos and other lead management stuff.

We also like the fact that you can get a list of websites that are using the technology you desire. This helps you to provide your services to that particular site management in taking the site to the next level, by letting them know how you can improve the site through your ideas. Any additions that you want to do or any change that you want to suggest.

Mobile support

It would be an added advantage, required feature that the lead generation tools have mobile support, which means you can just search and do work related to lead management, email management, lead generation on the go and it has to be cloud-based deployment, so it can be accessed from anywhere. You can continue working even while you are traveling or even when you are away. Manage your leads even when you are away. It’s like you are away but never away from your business.


And moreover, most of the bloggers expect the Lead generation tools to be customizable. You can change it according to your preference, according to your business type, how you want to manage your leads. There won’t be any API so you are not installing anything on your system, mostly lead generation tools won’t occupy any space as well.

Contact management

Do check the contact management if it is offered by the tool, this will be of great help. It will ease your work. Import and export data feature makes data analysis more flexible. Social marketing feature offered is also great. Make the full use of it. The deployment is cloud-based and the payment for the tools can be done in yearly, monthly basis. There might even be an option where you can buy it in just one installment which is the perpetual license.

Website database search results

source: Webspotter.io


Finally, we want to say that we love the lead management tools as they ease the work, lead generation is done by webspotter, and it has email management, contact management is very useful. The import, export data feature is very helpful. Social marketing offered is also great.

Do give this tool a try and you will not be disappointed.


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