What Makes Cloud Tech The Best Option for Securing Your Sensitive Business Data?

When it comes to running a business, modern technology is always evolving. This is great news for all entrepreneurs as it offers ways to improve efficiency, reduce overheads and increase staff productivity. Of course, the real trick is choosing which advances in business tech are here to stay and worth investing in.

Securing data on cloud network

One of the biggest success stories in recent times has been cloud computing. This sees your business use online cloud computing providers to store data and use services via the internet.

The many advantages that cloud technology will bring to your business have seen it grow rapidly. It is reported that 77% of US businesses are involved in some way with cloud computing now with many planning to invest more money into it in the future. From more flexible working to cost savings and increased staff collaboration, it seems those US businesses not now in the cloud may be left behind. There is one other major reason so many companies have migrated to the cloud though – superb security.

But what features does cloud computing offer that makes it so secure?

Constant auditing and updating

When you think about this, it makes perfect sense. The companies who develop and provide cloud-based services have a vested interest in making it all ultra-secure. After all, if they didn’t then no-one would trust them with their data, and they would go out of business quickly.

The truth is that all major cloud computing providers will be constantly auditing their platform and applications for any online security gaps. If they spot anything, they have the staff and expertise to instantly resolve the issue before anything untoward happens. This is not always the case for more traditional ways of storing data locally on networks or PCs.

Top level companies provide top level solutions

In tandem with the above, the cloud platforms and systems are already highly secure when they are developed. Charles Phillips led Infor shows why with the industry-leading cloud tech solutions they deliver to many sectors. As all major cloud providers do, Infor only employs the best talent around that knows how to build secure online services or applications.

With 58 million cloud users now, Infor has a proven track record that you can rely on when using their systems. This means that, when you use a cloud-based platform for your business from a top-level provider, it is already much more secure than using traditional legacy setups.

Plenty of paperwork

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Removes the need for insecure paper records

You would be surprised at how many modern businesses in the US still keep sensitive data in easy to reach paper files! Many companies will still just have racks of these files in their open plan office for anyone to browse through or remove when no-one else is there. Even if you have paper files with sensitive data locked away in a room, it is not 100% secure as someone could still break-in.

Moving to the cloud eliminates these problems and helps to protect your data in a much more secure, digital way. Without paper files to pinch and with access to your online files practically impossible, your business will be much safer.

Safer ways to collaborate

If you are not working in the cloud, then you may still be doing things in a way that is insecure. Collaboration is a great example of this – even with someone you may sit across the room from! If you do not have the easy collaborative tools that cloud computing delivers, you will either have to e-mail the data over as an attachment or print it off physically to work on. Both are not only time-consuming and inefficient but also poor in terms of data security.

Cloud tech on the other hand, keeps files online that only authorized people can access and is very hard for hackers to breach. This makes collaboration not only easier but much safer.

Impossible for data to go missing

When you store data online, it is done in a very clever way. Usually, multiple copies of the same file are made and then securely stored on different virtual servers. This makes it almost impossible for files to go missing as all copies would have to disappear at the same time.

Compared to having just one copy on someone’s PC that could easily get lost or stolen, it is much more secure, obviously.

Choose the cloud for outstanding data security

As the above shows, there is no doubt that the cloud offers amazing data security. This is especially true when you compare it to more traditional ways of looking after your important files and documents.

If you run a business and have not moved into the cloud as yet, then it might well be time to start thinking about it.


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