Proven Social Media Marketing Approaches To Skyrocket Your SaaS Business

Social media marketing is important for the growth of any SaaS business. The marketing will majorly involve the emphasis of the value of service that is provided to the users. There are some helpful tips that can be applied to grow any SaaS business through social media.

social media marketing for SaaS

The Pre-Launch Stage?

At this stage it will be necessary to find the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the business. The questions that should be asked at this point include:

  • What is the aim of this business launch?
  • What makes this product unique in the market?
  • How will the introduction of this product change the general landscape of the business?

Fortify your strategies with extensive research so that you know what you are up against and what makes your product stand out so you can build on it. Researching will also help you identify some loopholes in your own business that you might have missed. In the pre-launch stage, the target audience for the business should be identified. Connect with the industry you are going into so that your business doesn’t get lost among a host of others. Know what your prospective users have at the moment and what they are lacking.

To create awareness about the product, it will be necessary to design your social media profile in a way that reflects what your business stands for. Your social media profile picture is one of the most important things on your social profile that gets the first and most attention, so it’s important to optimize it perfectly for better results. For instance, if you run youtube ads, you need to learn what the perfect youtube profile picture size looks like and how to create it to boost your conversion.

Meanwhile, it’s also important to post content tailored to your brand and target audience on social media platforms as well. It is not compulsory that you post everywhere. You can focus on the platforms where your business gets the most interactions.

Generate traffic by inspiring curiosity and relevance. You can do this be constantly feeding your social media followers with informative contents in your SaaS field so that they grow to trust your brand. Engage in social media groups, Q&A sites and forums. Don’t only promote, add value. Your value will work magic for you.

Post-Launch stage

Marketing on its own is one tough job, but the process of marketing a SaaS, a product with almost no physical presence, is even harder. This is why it is necessary to take it a step further with your marketing and get more potential subscribers your way. Besides, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, there are proven strategies that can help to upscale the saas company valuation during its early stages. Here are some of them;

Free Trials

No word grips people in this modern day such as the word ‘free’. The human mind is generally attracted to anything that has the word ‘free’ attached to it.

After all, what do they stand to lose? Absolutely nothing!

You should take this idea over to your business. Millennials are now spending the most in the market and they should be your target. The freemium pricing model is actually a perfect way to net them and catch their attention. Free trials are quite necessary because you have a lot of competitors and that will be the perfect way to show your first time subscribers how awesome your service is.

Bank on word of mouth

This strategy remains ever powerful even till this age. The power of a recommendation passed from one mouth to another cannot be overemphasized. Of course, it has to be a positive word-of-mouth transmission or the business will be ruined.

These days, word of mouth has actually transcended into something more digital. People no longer only tell their friends about their positive experience, they tell their numerous fans and followers on various social media platforms. Some even go as far as starting up a hashtag beg to allow others like themselves share their positive experiences.

However, there are some factors that fuel positive word of mouth. It doesn’t just start because your company has a Twitter handle that keeps trying to convince people to subscribe for your service.

Some boosters of the phenomenon include:

  • Providing satisfactory service for first time users so that they are delighted enough to share their experiences
  • Produce the same awesome effect over and over with your users
  • Providing services that will be relevant to similar users in their respective fields

Begin a referral program

When it is done right, a referral system can do wonders in helping your gain growth over time and build your reputation as a saas marketing agency. There are various examples of startup SaaS companies that used the referral system to grow without much stress on their part.

An example of such a company is Dropbox that used a referral system to grow its number of users from 100,000 to about 3 million in less than one year. That is the power of a referral system done right. What the company did was to offer 500 MB space for users who referred one other person.

Another similar company to skyrocket their user base with a referral program is Evernote. The company grew with such speed that in two years they hit their first one million users. They too offered bonuses for users who successfully referred another individual.

Partner with relevant influencers

Influencers are like demigods. They can move the waves with just one tweet, a YouTube Video, or even an article. Use them to your advantage.

Credible studies have shown that most purchase decisions made are based on different influencers post on social media. The process of tracking them might take a wto behile, but with the right connections you will be successful. Gradually build a relationship with them before you through with your pitch. Offer them your service for free and have them give you feedback about their experiences.

The relationship will be strengthened this way and they will keep giving recommendations to your business.

Work to increase your time spent in the Saas industry rather than focusing on the present conversion rate

Conversion here has to do with compelling a visitor on your site to sign-up for your service and also become a paying customer of that service (B2C) or the adoption of your solution by a business (B2B). In simple terms you have converted him from a visitor to a client/customer. Everything on your website will determine how well you are able to convert your visitors.

The key things you will need to work on will be:

  • Your landing page that will be tailored to cater to the varying needs of your visitors
  • Having logos of your patronizing clients so as to build credibility
  • Testimonials for validation and implementation of customer loyalty programs.
  • Chat buttons that lead to a support team ready to answer any be


Saas is a fast-growing industry and there seems to be no end in sight for the commercial potential of the industry. According to Saas industry analysis, there are high projections for the Saas industry this year and in the future as forecasts have shown that global cloud service revenues are set to grow from $175.8 billion in 2018 to reach $278.3 billion.

There’s never a good never been a better time to be in the SaaS business!


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