Key Things to Have In Order before Calling a Real Estate Attorney

Nobody wants to have to face a real estate problem, but if the situation arises, you’ll be glad to have an experienced attorney to consult with to help you find a resolution. Before you pick up the phone and call a legal professional, there are few things you’ll want to get in order first. Here are some helpful tips that can enable you to make the most of your initial consultation.

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Summary of the Issue at Hand

This is something that all attorneys wish their clients did beforehand, and it’s honestly something that will save you a ton of money in the long run because your attorney is assuredly charging you by the hour (most commonly in 15-minute increments). Before your consultation, sit down and write out the entire scope of the issue at hand. The best approach is to thoroughly explain your side of the situation, what caused the legal issue to arise, your concerns and your ideal outcome. You’ll want to include pertinent information, related files or web links and even email correspondence. Come prepared to your consultation and you’ll leave it with a much better idea of your options.

Contact Information of Other Parties

This commonly overlooked do is imperative and can save you money, too. Make sure you gather the complete contact information for all parties involved. Examples include:

  • Names of all parties involved (first and last)
  • Email address of all parties involved
  • Phone numbers of all parties involved
  • Mailing addresses of all parties involved
  • Company names and contact information for those involved

Any Related Forms or Dialogue Tracking

Many issues that would involve you contacting a Phoenix real estate attorney to resolve will general be complex and will have involved issues that were communicated to the parties involved before, during and leading up to the matter at hand. Therefore, make sure you have saved any email strings, any written or mailed correspondence (letters, intents, bills, demand letters, past dues, HOA notices, etc.). These will be critical exhibits of evidence that your attorneys will require to help you resolve the legal matter.

Attorney filing out real estate paperwork

An Ideal Plan of Action

Lastly, make sure you have an ideal plan of action in your mind. It’s important to remember that what you may want to happen and what the law permits, based on the circumstances of your given situation will differ. But they may not differ as much as you’d expect. Many attorneys like to ask their clients how they’d like to see the outcome of their case, especially in real estate cases, which tend to be civil. By outlining tangible and realistic expectations for your case—something that’s made easier when you conduct due diligence and research on other similar cases beforehand—you will better understand the likelihood of prevailing in any type of real estate litigation or mediation.


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