Packing Checklist for a Humid Business Trip

Summer comes along and we all adjust to working in the heat it brings along, but working in high humidity is a whole other ball game. The most humid areas in the world are tropical seashores and coastal cities, and if you are planning a business trip to one of these areas any time soon, you need to be aware that it’s not just the temperatures that will be challenging, but the combination of temperature and humidity too.

Business trip to humid region

In dry heat our bodies are able to cool by means of perspiration, but high humidity makes this much more difficult and therefore even slight exertion can cause our bodies to overheat. The heat index is a combination of heat and humidity and any heat index in excess of 100 degrees is potentially dangerous.

Don’t assume that because you will be working in air-conditioned environments that humidity won’t be a problem, make sure that you are prepared.

Sunscreen and After Sun

UV rays penetrate car windows and clouds, so although the weather may appear overcast, getting sunburnt in a humid climate is very easily done. Thus, do use a hydrating sunscreen of at least SPF30, every day. If the sun does catch you out and you do get burnt, it is important to apply After Sun as quickly as possible afterwards, in order to prevent further skin damage. Don’t shower, that will only exacerbate your condition, take a cool bath instead.


Sunglasses in a hot day

Sunglasses prevent glare and avoid you squinting in an undignified and unprofessional way. They also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Wear a quality pair from a leading company to get the best protection and to look stylish.

Water Bottle

We all need to cut down on our use of plastic, so keep hydrated by using a refillable water bottle. You can even have one personalised with your company logo.

Loose, Professional Clothing

Tight fitting clothing, which doesn’t allow your body to breath, will leave you drenched in perspiration and feeling wretched. Go for natural fibres like cotton, linen, hemp or bamboo. Flimsy garments stick to the skin; instead you want garments which allow air to flow around your body. Linen is always a good choice of material in humid environments because its slight stiffness keeps it away from your body and allows for the circulation of air.

A Quality Umbrella

Umbrella for a rainy business trip

How you dress and the accessories that you carry are the details by which you will be judged. In humid locations, sudden, heavy rain is not uncommon. Don’t produce some cheap fold away umbrella which collapses at the first gust of wind, choose something stylish and professional.

Insect Repellent

Insects transmit dangerous tropical diseases and even if you don’t contract an illness, you don’t want to turn up to your morning meeting covered in unsightly bites. Apply insect repellent liberally and in advance and you won’t have to worry.


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