How to Improve Your Blog Conversion Rate

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing how good your blog posts are, how social media shares are on the rise, how traffic is growing steadily, but despite that, just a handful of people are taking action, subscribe to your email list or engage with your content.

How to improve blog conversion rate

Even though you’ve done a good amount of your job correctly, maybe you did not apply a few ways successfully to improve a blog’s conversion rate, and today we’ll show you how can you do that.

1. Include CTAs

If you want your audience to take the required action, you can’t expect it to happen without actually asking it. That’s why most of the blogs with high conversion rates use Call-to-Action (CTA). There are many ways you could implement them, and we’ll talk about three of them:

  • A top-bar CTA – Those bars at the very top of your page. If you have a prominent offer or a request for your audience, using a top-bar CTA is probably the least intrusive way of sending your message out, without covering valuable content, or annoying the audience.
  • A slide-in CTA, which appears once a reader reached a certain point on a page. It functions very much like a pop-up, without disrupting the reading experience. Using it means that you will target people actively involved in reading your posts entirely, not just those who skip them after the first few lines.
  • A CTA box at the end of a post – most of the successful blogs have already implemented a nice subscription form at the end of each post (for example to gain more Email list subscribers), which is a decent way to increase your conversion rate.

2. Adjust design on a constant basis

Successful bloggers use “heat maps in order to spot where people are spending more of their time when visiting their blogs. After finding those areas, they start to make the necessary adjustments, whether it is design or structure of the content. Whether you want to use banner ads to promote products (like on platforms such as, for example), or add lead-capture forms of some kind, go ahead and make some testing and see how visitors are reacting.

3. Increase social shares

A higher conversion rate can become a reality after you’ve increased your social shares conversion, and to do that, you must make it easier for readers to share your content. There are many tools you could use to do it, one of them being the Click to Tweet.

It represents a friendly way to remind your audience to share your posts while also making the sharing process very easy.


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